Sunday, 30 December 2012

VR Round Up 30.12.12

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+ XMAS - Our Christmas day didn't actually get started until about 3pm (various family members to visit, dogs to walk etc...) but once it did it was wonderful, indulgent and most importantly, fun :). There were eight of us in total and we pretty much managed to demolish the entire spread of Christmas food, everyone's presents were well received and appreciated (check out my present post here) and the evening was spent sipping champagne and playing silly but totally hilarious family games!

+ Over Indulgence - The title pretty much says it all - too much eating, too much drinking and too much of doing nothing. Bleurghhhh! Cannot wait for the new year to roll on and get stuck in to my detox again. My family have just booked a holiday to Kalkan, Turkey in June which seems a hell of a long way off now but then again something to keep me motivated for.

+ So long, farewell - This'll be my last post for 2012. Overall, it has been a pretty amazing year with highlights including; travels from Morocco to Spain to Norway, graduating University, getting my beautiful black lab pup, relocating cities, meeting new people, (re)making some amazing friends and sharing some wonderful experiences (turning 21, working on the Olympics press team, running for charity, seeing some awesome bands name just a few). However, I am also excited for what 2013 has to hold. I still feel very much unbalanced when it comes to decisions for the future (particularly on the job front) so I hope in a years time I will be able to look back and wonder why I was ever even worried!

Happy New Year to you all and hope you see it in with style :)!

VR x

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Collection

This is just a quick one but I love being a-lot-a-bit nosey and seeing what other people got for Christmas. Inspired, I thought I'd share some photos of what I got too. I feel so blessed this year to have got some really amazing gifts from SANTA my beautiful friends and family. I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas and may the festivities continue...

(Unfortunately these were not all for me!)


(Stocking Fillers - Beauty Products - Vouchers, yipee!)

(Favourites - Sparkly New Nails - River Island Boots - Winter PJ's)

(Maroon Missguided Midi - ASOS Bowler Hat)

(Kimono-esque Dressing Gown)

That's all for now :)...sorry about the bad quality pictures but as you can tell these were mostly snapped on my iPhone between mass consumption of food and alcohol!

VR x

P.S. I don't know why but I really dislike the word/term 'haul' on blogs. I've probably used it at some point on here so my bad for being hypocritical but I've decided it sounds a bit emotionless, especially in relation to gifts. 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

VR Round Up 23.12.12


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Drama, Drama, Drama - Never a dull minute in my household and this is clearly not a good time of year for us because various family members (including myself) have landed ourselves in hospital this week. A whole lot of drama and worry later, things seem to be slightly more under control for now so I'm just wishing for good health to all!

+ Festive Spirits - Lots of fun this week; a night of cocktails & mexican cuisine, a dinner party with food successfully cooked by yours truly, an unforgivably drunken night at the pub, an awesomely festive trip to Winter Wonderland (including outdoor ice skating and Cirque Berzerk  and to top it all off a Christmas party on Saturday night. Phoar...I'm exhausted. A family trip to see the Hobbit tomorrow though and my inner geek is bursting with excitement! 

+ Heston's Inventions - Mr Blumenthal is never one to disappoint on the invention front and bloody hell is his Christmas range good...he has mastered the ultimate mince pie. Grab a not so cheaply priced box at your local Waitrose.

CELEBRATIONS - Just a quick message to wish everyone (whatever your beliefs may be) a beautiful, happy and merry time in your up and coming celebrations :). 

VR x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

All That Sparkles

Surrounded by obscene amount of fairy lights, the temptation of an array of Christmas party outfits and decorations here there and everywhere, its no wonder I've always associated this fine season with all that sparkles and glitters. 

Don't get me wrong we're not back in the era of Disco and no one really wants to see this on the high street (well I certainly don't); 

But I most definitely would like to see more of these (especially in my wardrobe);


VR x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Broadway - help you, help others!

So if you've popped by this corner of the web recently I'm sure you might of read about my recent charitable fundraising via the Santa Run 2012. I am overwhelmed with everyone's more than generous donations and support and I thought I'd share a little insight to the day itself with any of you interested...

Both me and my brothers ran the 5km in Greenwich park and chose to run for charities that we personally felt passionate about. I ran for Broadway, a great charity which seeks to help and support the homeless.

Here goes;

The day began pretty early as we layered up (especially those spectating) and headed out on a chilly Winters morning.

Typical of my luck a few wrong turns and closed roads meant our journey was a little longer than expected (cue my good mood transforming rapidly to panic).

We finally managed to cross the river and make it to Greenwich Park in plenty of time. Which only meant one thing...time to check out the start line and get those Santa suits.

The Santa suits were donned.

Many photos were taken for future embarrassing parental usage.

Probably the funniest 20 minutes of my life watching 2,000 + santas 'warm up' to Gangnam Style and then make their way to the start line....and then off we went.

Wasn't smart enough to take a camera on the run so you can use your imagination to envisage over 2,000 Santa's running and crossing the finish line :)

Proud but tired runners, along with our completion medals.

I know that to a lot of people 5km isn't that far but nevertheless I am still so proud that we ran the entire race and crossed the finish line all together.

I am hoping to continue to help Broadway and hopefully volunteer in one of their support centres in 2013. Overall, I managed to raise £266 and here's a breakdown of where the funds raised will help;

For £11 – deliver a specialist counselling or anger management session for one person to help them manage their mental health and wellbeing.

For £21 – provide a week of home-cooked meals for one person who has just left the streets and moved into our Assessment Centre.

For £63 – give someone a Home Starter Pack (including bedding, towels and basic cooking and kitchen equipment) for someone like Tracy who is moving into their own independent accommodation.

For £300 – pay for a client led project, such as a day trip, hobby club or gardening equipment for hostel residents to help build a sense of community, alleviate boredom and improve motivation.

For £639 – resource the tea bar at our Broadway Centre for three months.  The tea bar is a welcoming service, run by client volunteers, often providing the only hot drink of the day for someone in health and housing need.

Thanks again to all those involved :)

VR x