Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rainbow Denim

I'm not sure if you will agree with me on this but ever since the leggings made a comeback a few years ago they installed themselves in my wardrobe and were not budging easily.

Leggings have always been the easy option - they ooze comfort, wearability and go with almost everything (well maybe just in my case they do), but where is the fun in that? Shaking things up was definitely overdue.

I've never been opposed to jean wearing, it's just faced with so much choice, incorporating them into outfits never became a forte of mine…until now.

Candy coloured jeans have exploded on to the high street, spreading like wildfire. The skinny fit style is a particularly favourite choice right now. But do not fear, to all those who would rather run a mile than face the thought of squeezing into a pair of skinnies, straight leg and boot cut (just to mention a few) are all on offer too!

These colourful additions to your wardrobe can be forever mixed and matched - with a pair of chunky wedged boots, a knitted jumper and leather jacket in the colder months or teamed with floral print tops and sandals in the summer.

My favourite colours bursting on to the scene in time for SS12 are;

 Mint - Hot Pink - Maroon - Lemon - Electric Blue

VR x

Thursday, 23 February 2012


After all the leaves have fallen and the festivities have died down, the colder months are quickly passing us and we are heading straight for SS12 (in other words Spring/Summer 2012). 

Designer after designer have more than impressed us with their new and exciting lines. So here is the low down on what to look out for;

  • Pastels – Block printing is still most definitely in but this season it seems softer colours are the ones to look out for.

  • Under the sea – Fashion designers have gone crazy for this trend! Whether you are wearing nautical prints or under water sea-scapes, you will be sure to impress the likes of Vercase, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood with these.

  •  Sport Luxe – This style has filtered down from many catwalks and it would not surprise me if ­it was a result of the up and coming London Olympics, so keep an eye out for this comfy but sexy look.  My favourite piece from this trend has definitely got to be the black wedge plimsolls!

  • Florals – Bring some excitement and colour into your wardrobe by incorporating floral patterns into your outfits. Appearing in over 107 collections, florals have made their patterned mark and are a definite must-have for SS12!

VR x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

PhotoRail #2

My take: Collar Me, Collar You


VR x

Collar Me, Collar You

A few weeks ago I promised myself that all of my money (which isn’t all that much at this time of year), would solely go on the necessities, but I havent been able resist the pull to my new obsession; the collar!

The collar is a versatile piece that can most definitely be worn both casually and formally.  Coming in all shapes, colours and sizes this nifty little accessory can transform a dull piece of clothing into a chic outfit, at the height of sophistication.

With its rapidly growing popularity not only are collared shirts, dresses, tops and jumpers appearing on our shelves but most high street stores are selling them individually too, so the possibilities really are endless!

My three favourite variations are as follows;

  • The Peter Pan Collar – This 60s inspired collar is best worn with blouses and dresses, bringing instant chic to an outfit. Its smooth, rounded edges are reminiscent of summer days.

  •  Faux Fur Collar – This has got to be my all time favourite variation of the collar, tending to be big and fluffy it’s usually more suitable acting as a scarf or accessory to jumpers. A must have for your winter wardrobe!

  • Shirt Collar – Last but not least is the timeless but fashionable shirt collar. Simply button the shirt to the top and team with jeans for the day or high waisted skirt/shorts for the evening.

So whatever you are doing and wherever you are make sure you’ve got one of these little beauties to hand! 

VR x

Monday, 20 February 2012

PhotoRail #1

My Take: We-do, you-do, hair-do!;

VR x

We-do, you-do, hair-do!

Being a student, speed and convenience always plays a big part in my getting ready from day to day. Outfit choices usually take a momentary pause, before I’ll opt for something comfortable (especially whilst at uni). 

Now, the bit where I usually get stuck is what to do with my hair? Hair styles are a whole new ball park. At times, it is easier to follow whats ‘in’ with clothes when every shop is stocking the trend and magazines and blogs are giving us the ‘how to’ on working it. But when it comes to that stuff on the top of our head many of us are faced with a mental block!

A favourite of mine is the timeless classic; the bun. The bun is one of those unappreciated hair styles, associated with the ballet dance classes we all did as youngsters. But, it’s made a comeback and is as stylish and elegant as ever!

We’ve all gone bun made, so check out my top 2 ways to wear;

Loose and soft twists, with sweeping strands of hair are the perfect look for daytime. The style is softening on the face and appears effortless.

For the evening, dare to be bold and scrape the hair tightly off of your face, then simply make a high pony tail and wrap the ends around (securing with hair-pins) to create the bun. This creates a glamorous and fierce look!


The joy of this style is that it can really be left to your own interpretation as long as you follow the basic steps! 

So girls, get your hair up, up,and away!

VR x