Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Collar Me, Collar You

A few weeks ago I promised myself that all of my money (which isn’t all that much at this time of year), would solely go on the necessities, but I havent been able resist the pull to my new obsession; the collar!

The collar is a versatile piece that can most definitely be worn both casually and formally.  Coming in all shapes, colours and sizes this nifty little accessory can transform a dull piece of clothing into a chic outfit, at the height of sophistication.

With its rapidly growing popularity not only are collared shirts, dresses, tops and jumpers appearing on our shelves but most high street stores are selling them individually too, so the possibilities really are endless!

My three favourite variations are as follows;

  • The Peter Pan Collar – This 60s inspired collar is best worn with blouses and dresses, bringing instant chic to an outfit. Its smooth, rounded edges are reminiscent of summer days.

  •  Faux Fur Collar – This has got to be my all time favourite variation of the collar, tending to be big and fluffy it’s usually more suitable acting as a scarf or accessory to jumpers. A must have for your winter wardrobe!

  • Shirt Collar – Last but not least is the timeless but fashionable shirt collar. Simply button the shirt to the top and team with jeans for the day or high waisted skirt/shorts for the evening.

So whatever you are doing and wherever you are make sure you’ve got one of these little beauties to hand! 

VR x

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