Monday, 20 February 2012

We-do, you-do, hair-do!

Being a student, speed and convenience always plays a big part in my getting ready from day to day. Outfit choices usually take a momentary pause, before I’ll opt for something comfortable (especially whilst at uni). 

Now, the bit where I usually get stuck is what to do with my hair? Hair styles are a whole new ball park. At times, it is easier to follow whats ‘in’ with clothes when every shop is stocking the trend and magazines and blogs are giving us the ‘how to’ on working it. But when it comes to that stuff on the top of our head many of us are faced with a mental block!

A favourite of mine is the timeless classic; the bun. The bun is one of those unappreciated hair styles, associated with the ballet dance classes we all did as youngsters. But, it’s made a comeback and is as stylish and elegant as ever!

We’ve all gone bun made, so check out my top 2 ways to wear;

Loose and soft twists, with sweeping strands of hair are the perfect look for daytime. The style is softening on the face and appears effortless.

For the evening, dare to be bold and scrape the hair tightly off of your face, then simply make a high pony tail and wrap the ends around (securing with hair-pins) to create the bun. This creates a glamorous and fierce look!


The joy of this style is that it can really be left to your own interpretation as long as you follow the basic steps! 

So girls, get your hair up, up,and away!

VR x

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