Wednesday, 21 March 2012

All Cropped Up

My new obsession has got to be the crop top - a little piece of fashion heaven!

At first glance I wasn’t sold, convinced they were more Big Fat Gypsy than fashion chic...but oh how I was wrong!

These little tops are more than affordable (if you’re looking in the right places) and come in every form imaginable.

Whether you’re wearing plain or patterned, loose or tight fitting, t-shirt or vest style; team them with high waisted shorts, skirts (maxi or mini)...the possibilities really are endless.

If you’re that little bit more daring, then why not try a bandeau...worn in same way these strapless bands, although more revealing, are more suitable for evening or holiday wear!


PhotoRail #6

My Take: Aztec Et Cetera

VR x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Aztec Et Cetera

With deadlines looming, finals fast approaching and the library becoming somewhat of a second home, retail therapy is one of the things managing to keep me sane.

I haven’t entered a shop in the last few weeks without feeling transformed in to a global traveller, enticed by the many Aztec and tribal patterns!

These bold, colourful prints have arrived just in time for the warmer weather and are a perfect statement for summer.

Originating in Mexico, these beautiful graphics have been updated to fit today’s fashion and have taken the high street by storm. I am sure we will be seeing plenty more of them; so whether  you’re rocking an Aztec mini dress on a summer eve’s or teaming tribal printed tee’s with some denim at your festival of choice, you won’t want to miss this trend!


All Saints - Topshop - River Island

ASOS - Urban Outfitters


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Monday, 5 March 2012

PhotoRail #5

My Take: Summer Loving

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Summer Loving

So if you hadn't noticed the reoccurring theme popping up in my last few blogs, I'll come right out and say it…I'm now beyond excited for summer. Although, a fan of the winter months (mainly for Christmas and my birthday...greedy I know) and deep down I know there is nothing wrong with wrapping up warm and eating your own weight in chocolate, I am also itching to throw off the layers and jump into the sunshine!

In a bid to control my purchasing of an entirely new SS wardrobe, I have been opting for small expressions of my excitement to brighten up my day and I'm not the only one…

I absolutely love all of these gorgeous summer inspired colours. The pastel tones are the perfect statement, and a little more subtle than strutting around Sheffield in a pair of daisy dukes in March!

Better still, a new favourite of mine to add a bit of sparkle are glitter polish top coats! Simply apply the varnish over your colour of choice and leave to dry (layering is optional). 

VR x