Sunday, 6 May 2012

Festival Fiesta

Finally, after months (if not years) of hard work I am finally beginning to see the light at the end of the University deadline tunnel. Although, in the back of my mind I realise that real-life is just around the corner, having booked a glamorous getaway to Greece and five weeks’ worth of back-packing around Spain, I can’t help but be consumed by the prospect of freedom (even if it is only going to be temporary).

Even though the weather did take a turn for the worse, taking to the phrase April showers literally, it has not stopped me accumulating my summer festival wardrobe.

So my favourite styles out there in anticipation for the travel and festivals of Summer 2012 are;

Tie-dye – Shunned to the back of the wardrobe since the 1990s these fun prints are back and in style! Personally, I would hold your horses on leaping into those old rainbow tee’s, and rather opt for more subtle dyes (pinks, purples and blues especially!).

Photo Print – These illusion pieces are mainly sold as figure hugging items (particularly swimsuits and crop tops) but are a funky addition for any summer wardrobe. The countless, innovative designs (from animals to landscapes) mean no one piece looks the same.


Fringe – Fringe is by no means a new trend, but is a necessity! Coming in a variety of styles from dresses to waistcoats catering for all shapes and sizes.


Cut-Out – This feature adds a sexy summer twist to any outfit, my particular favourites are side cut outs in evening dresses and cut out backs in oversized shirts.


The joy of all of these styles is that they can be endlessly mixed and matched with not only each other but a lot of basics that will already be in your wardrobe, hopefully easing some of the summer packing!

VR x

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