Monday, 29 October 2012

Military Madness

This cheeky trend has literally stormed the fashion fort and I cannot turn without being all consumed by camou(flage), khaki and all the rest! Whilst i'm not one for shouty men, getting muddy and keeping in line, I am most definitely taking advantage of the uniform which has inspired a lot of my current wardrobe choices (and i'm sure a lot of yours). 

Don't be mistaken in the idea that this trend ends at structured, buttoned jackets (don't get me wrong, for me this is the foundation of military fashion) but there is so much more and all available affordably at on the high street...

 Pull & Bear - New Look - Asos 

Topshop - Topman

Zara - Asos - Zara

I know some people might say this is in bad taste but whilst I was writing this blog, BrĂ¼no (Sacha Baron-Cohen) hilariously failing to become part of the US Army kept popping into my head. This gets me every time...

VR x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

VR Round Up 28.10.12

*Misty London *Fresh Haul *Yummy Indulgence *Bedroom View * Piccadilly Circus *Shy VR

+ Work Dilemma - Right so I'm officially back and settled in London. After a few confusing, stubborn months I decided it was best to move back into the family home whilst trying to get on my feet. The job hunt has been pretty frustrating this week. This statement continuously surprises friends who aren't from London, but I think that's mainly because they forget; along with more jobs opportunities, comes a lot more competition. 

At the minute, I'm finding most public relations and/or communications roles demand at least 1-2 (if not more) years industry experience (Admittedly, I am not massively surprised at this considering how competitive the market it is right now, but it doesn't really boost my confidence). Anyways, this week I have applied for numerous internship and junior roles in the hope that I can gain some vital experience. Fingers crossed!

+ Detox - This week I started my detox, I was bored of spending days either pigging out and sitting around applying for jobs or going out and drinking/eating myself silly. It's going fabulously so far (these things always do at the beginning). I'm not trying to lose weight, I am just trying to feel better in myself (boost energy levels, clear up my skin etc...) and get fit at the same time. I've finally got round to joining a gym in London (conveniently round the corner). However, I wasn't too impressed with the fees considering I got my University membership for an absolute bargain at £9 a month! But, its got a pool, hot tub and sauna so I am looking forward to some serious relaxation after a good old work out. On top of this I am going to try and use the My Fitness Pal app just to keep myself in line (just a little reminder that a slice of cake isn't half the cake).

+ Pamper - As if on cue to my recent stresses my lovely mum booked us both in for a facial at Fresh, Marylebone. I didn't know much about the brand beforehand but my mum swears by their skincare. The amazing thing about this treat was that the hour long facial was free so long as you spend a certain amount in store (we got the great offer of £35). I picked up a new foundation (very natural, which is what I go for...nothing worse than an orange face) and a gorgeous 'sugar berry' lip treatment (very autumnal). I will admit their products aren't particularly cheap but when it comes to make up and skincare I do think certain items are worth paying more for. Anyways, check them out here and judge for yourself; Fresh

+ Weekend - Lovely lovely weekend with the boyfriend, alot of shopping (to his dismay) but finally got a winter coat! I spent a wonderful afternoon at The Coachmakers of Marylebone catching up with a friend from overseas on Friday, followed by a few drinks on the town and a big family meal (cooked by mwah) on Saturday. Today was just as nice, made up of coffees, dog walks and cuddles. All in all it was bliss :). 

VR x

Note: Please excuse the length of my first VR Round Up. They won't usually be this long but I thought a bit of detail was needed since it was my first one (: 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Forgive me for I have sinned...

... by totally and utterly dropping off the face of the bloggersphere for an unacceptable amount of time!

was flicking through some old photos when I realised how long it had really been since I last posted, let alone checked on my poor neglected VanityRail. 

So, let me first say my disappearance was mainly down to the fact that the last few several months have been a total whirlwind involving many ups, some downs and alot ALOT of change. I won't bore you too much with the details, but after some thought here I am, back and eager to get stuck into posting again.

I will mention that I was, and well am quite nervous about getting into blogging again because there are so many wonderful and varied fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs out there, and if i'm honest I am somewhat ridiculously intimidated. However, I've decided to not get too caught up on this and instead be inspired by what so many other fabulous bloggers have achieved.

I'm going to try and get myself into a habit of doing certain posts so Photo Rail's will stay, but also watch out for weekly updates (a little insight in to me), my week in photo's (have loved this on so many other blogs, I thought i'd give it a whirl!)

So, hop on, strap in and enjoy the ride (:

VR x