Monday, 29 October 2012

Military Madness

This cheeky trend has literally stormed the fashion fort and I cannot turn without being all consumed by camou(flage), khaki and all the rest! Whilst i'm not one for shouty men, getting muddy and keeping in line, I am most definitely taking advantage of the uniform which has inspired a lot of my current wardrobe choices (and i'm sure a lot of yours). 

Don't be mistaken in the idea that this trend ends at structured, buttoned jackets (don't get me wrong, for me this is the foundation of military fashion) but there is so much more and all available affordably at on the high street...

 Pull & Bear - New Look - Asos 

Topshop - Topman

Zara - Asos - Zara

I know some people might say this is in bad taste but whilst I was writing this blog, BrĂ¼no (Sacha Baron-Cohen) hilariously failing to become part of the US Army kept popping into my head. This gets me every time...

VR x


  1. I really like the military trends , especially the jackets :)

    1. Ahh same, they are endless beauties!

      Hopefully going to get some photos of my military inspired wardrobe up soon :)

  2. haha, I wonder if the inspiration for these looks has actually come from Bruno!! I'd like to think so...

    Please check out my blog if you have time :)



    1. hahaaa me too... 'it's Dolce and Gabanna, HELLO' Genius!

      Will check your blog out x

  3. I love this trend! That TopShop shirt is perfect! xx