Thursday, 29 November 2012

Winter Wishlist

Dear Santa Loved Ones,

This Winter, if I'm good, pretty please can the following please make an appearance...

2013 Diary
 (to document lots of new and exciting things!)

Chelsea Boots
(because I've seen so many people wear them so well, its my go)

Winter Pyjamas 
(so I don't look frumpy whilst trying to be warm and snuggly)

Two-Tone Riding Boots
(like I've ever been on a horse, ha)

Sippy Cup
(bit ridiculous for a 21 year-old isn't it?)

Silk/Satin Dressing Gown
(fashion for post shower)

Love Wrap Dress
(Wanted this for donkeys!)

These things are also very pretty :)


Lots of hugs and love (and don't worry I'm sure this already large list will grow),

VR x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Photo Rail #12

My Take: Midi Me

VR x

Note: Unfortunately, all my other midi's are still on their way to mine now! Have got this dress in burgundy on route too :)!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

VR Round Up 21.11.12


*Boredom Sketching *Hangover Cure *Shoe Collection *Sparkly Additions *Missguided Virgin *P-eed Off Pup

+ Con-grad-ulations - Graduation was awesome and I think because my sheer amount of  nerves it really flew by, which sadly meant it was all over before I knew it. Fortunately,  it went off without a hitch and we all ended up in Cafe Rouge post ceremony toasting champers and getting over excited with the camera! Graduation has really marked the end of studenthood which I think is both a good and bad thing, although I am excited to see what happens next, I will really miss good ol' Sheffield!!

A Quiet One - I don't think I've recovered from the celebrations earlier on this week because I've been exhausted ever since so this week has been particularly quiet (basically I've gone into hibernation). However, the internship is going well and I'm loving getting stuck in and meeting lots of new and lovely people :).

+ Instruction - Everyone must immediately go and try the new PEANUT BUTTER KITKAT, they are to die for (maybe even topping reece's pieces)! I am going to have a serious struggle with my detox against these bad boys! 

VR x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Midi Me

Gosh do you ever get that feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day? I just don't know where they are wriggling off too! Well, admist my lack of time, I did manage to squeeze in some time to fashion hunt (and regrettably spend what very little money I do have) online. 

My new fashion obsession is the (drum roll please) MIDI, and especially in dress form! I think the length is so versatile. Daytime it can be worked with chunky knits (scarves and jumpers), winter tights and military boots, whereas in the evening it can be entirely transformed with a pair of heels and the right accessories (think collars and clutches)! My favourite form of midi so far is the body con dress but having spied some gorgeous high waisted skirts and this Topshop number below who knows how my bank balance will survive!




VR x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Photo Rail #11

My Take: Gradu-what?!

What a send off from University, goodbye studenthood!
Here are a small selection (yes, with 5 guests we accumulated a mighty amount of photos) of my special day (:


And then a couple more from the previous nights celebrations...


VR x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

VR Round Up 18.11.12

*Christmas Coffee *Winter Wish List *Work Desk *Oreo Chocolate 
*Anniversary Card (: *JPG Diet Coke *Good Guys @ Pret *Graduation Tickets

+ Charity Update - All signed, sealed and santa'd up for the race next month (more info on the event here). I've decided to run for Broadway who are a homeless charity, and note I said run because my aim is to not walk or jog at all! More information on my fundraising here :)

Is this real life? - Things really seem to be falling in to place and I am feeling alot more positive than I have in a long time. This week has been so exciting (not only on the work and fitness front) but I've had two lovely evenings out t'the pub with friends, got spoilt all of Saturday (including a trip to the nail salon and to see Twilight) and to top it all off, today I am going to stay at the Hilton Sheffield for an afternoon of pampering and relaxing in the spa, followed by an evening out with the entire family to celebrate my graduation tomorrow. Fingers crossed I don't trip, my motar board stays firmly on my head and no other such disasters occur!! 

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend (:

VR x

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I know I usually blog on a latest trend that's caught my eye or something new to fashion but I thought seeing as graduation is one of those events that I'll probably refer back to for the next 50 odd years and mine is coming up, I better say a thing or two (or three, or four) about it.

Graduation is one of those events which is most definitely formal but by no means boring (I'm talking fashion wise...slightly apprehensive about clapping for two hours straight). In a way, I think it's a time to not only celebrate what we've achieved, but to showcase our new, grown up selves (many of whom have and will go one to achieve tonnes of great things). 

Considering I completed University earlier this summer, it is slightly unusual for our ceremony to be this late, but hey, that's life! So, with a floaty maxi being totally out of the question (c'mon, its November and it's Sheffield), here are a selection of dress inspiration I have found;

(Basic but pretty)

(Detailed and figure hugging)

AX Paris
(On trend)

(Flattering and chic)

Dorothy Perkins
(Classic and sexy)


(Simple feminine twist on the classic tuxe)

As for my video addition, here is the latest song I'm addicted to, enjoy;

VR x

Note: I have purposely not included the dress I have actually chosen because I want it to be a nice big surprise on the day and for the Photo Rail which will follow :)!!