Monday, 5 November 2012

Black Monday

So the clocks changed, temperatures dropped (AKA it's bloody freezing!) and everywhere I turn the big C word slaps me in the face...and no not that C word (naughty), i'm talking about Christmas! It seems we've i've stepped out of a relaxed autumnal mode and dived head first into a firework overdosing, present hunting, layering up winter! But hey, we had an extra hour in bed, get to whack up the heating and now have a brilliant excuse to indulge in all those goodies that come along with Christmas winter (bring on the advent calendars!).

What better way to celebrate this shift in weather and season than to bring forth all those long forgotten winter pieces and really go back to black. Yes, that includes the LBD's for the Christmas/NYE parties!

Here are a collection of my favourite black items for winter;

Bit'o blog topic inspiration;

VR x

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  1. Thanks for the comment, and i think i will try asos :)
    It is absolutely freezing now and according to most stores and commercials started a few months ago.