Thursday, 15 November 2012


I know I usually blog on a latest trend that's caught my eye or something new to fashion but I thought seeing as graduation is one of those events that I'll probably refer back to for the next 50 odd years and mine is coming up, I better say a thing or two (or three, or four) about it.

Graduation is one of those events which is most definitely formal but by no means boring (I'm talking fashion wise...slightly apprehensive about clapping for two hours straight). In a way, I think it's a time to not only celebrate what we've achieved, but to showcase our new, grown up selves (many of whom have and will go one to achieve tonnes of great things). 

Considering I completed University earlier this summer, it is slightly unusual for our ceremony to be this late, but hey, that's life! So, with a floaty maxi being totally out of the question (c'mon, its November and it's Sheffield), here are a selection of dress inspiration I have found;

(Basic but pretty)

(Detailed and figure hugging)

AX Paris
(On trend)

(Flattering and chic)

Dorothy Perkins
(Classic and sexy)


(Simple feminine twist on the classic tuxe)

As for my video addition, here is the latest song I'm addicted to, enjoy;

VR x

Note: I have purposely not included the dress I have actually chosen because I want it to be a nice big surprise on the day and for the Photo Rail which will follow :)!!


  1. Great selection! I especially love the peplum style dress! Love your blog... wanna follow each other? Come by and let me know :0) xoxo

    1. Thanks, I actually opted for a peplum myself (pictures to follow!)
      Sounds good I'm now following x