Sunday, 4 November 2012

VR Round Up 04.11.12

 *Autumnal *Sleepy Pooch *Corpse Bride*Pumpkin *Ginger Bats *Halloween Take Two

+ Fright Night - Had an absolute ball this week, lots of fun and not much of getting things done. My mums birthday (fortunately or unfortunately - whichever way you want to see it) falls on Halloween, so taking full advantage of this, the family threw a full on a spookified birthday dinner party with costumes (yes, that did include the puppy), themed food (ginger bread bats, red get the picture) and the house was decorated within an inch of its life. We shockingly only had one set of Trick or Treaters so the meal went off undisturbed!

+ Nostalgia - Headed up to Sheffield this weekend for some silliness with friends from University and the boyfriend. On Friday night, we all headed out in fancy dress looking pretty ridiculous (we all neglected to consider that as Halloween had been and gone, no one else would be dressed up) but it was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time (spending most of it throwing about some dodgy dance moves), making me ridiculously nostalgic for my carefree student days.

+ Bargains - I discovered (accidentally) two great little bargains this weekend that I thought i'd share with anyone reading out there; 

1) To reintroduce their festive favourites (nom) our good friends at Starbucks are offering buy one get one free on a special range between 2 and 5 pm. The offer is sadly only on until tomorrow but what a great way to warm up and try something new!

2) I picked up the December issue of Glamour magazine at St Pancras for my train journey up north and was pleasantly surprised to see it came with a free Nails Inc nail varnish. I never really have high hopes for freebies, but I applied it anyway and its fabulous; great winter colour  (Motcomb Street) and long wearing (no chips as of yet)! 

VR x

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