Sunday, 11 November 2012

VR Round Up 11.11.12


*Bonfire Night *Bonfire Besties *Great Dane (DD) *Lab Pup (DD) *Covent Garden *Christmas Reindeer

+ On The Up - So this'll be a quicky, great news, I managed to land myself a fashion PR internship and perfectly it's local to where I live (commuting far in London can be such a nightmare). I don't want to say too much now, mainly because I haven't even started yet, but I am very excited and can't wait to get stuck in! Will reveal more in due course...

+ Charity - It's funny how you can set out to do one thing and it end up transforming into something so much more. As I mentioned in a previous VR Round Up (here), I began on a journey of detoxing and fitness a few weeks ago, well to update you, its going great and honestly, I've never felt better. So (drum roll please) I've decided to participate in a run for charity. This is quite a big deal for me as I never have had any desire to run and have never really enjoyed it BUT my recent gym obsession has motivated me to help others. 

I will be running 5km (this is about 3.1 miles...easy peasy for some, but a challenge for me) and to much of my friends amusement, I will be dressed as SANTA

I need to choose a charity to run for so if anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated?! I do like the idea of running for smaller name charity, I feel as if some of the bigger ones get so much exposure it would be more worthwhile doing it for a less well known one. What do you think?

+ Weekend Wonder - What a fab weekend (once again), I never understood people who 'live for the weekends' but, I am starting to get it. On Saturday I was treated to a day out at Discover Dogs (DD), and what a treat it was. I don't know many people who don't love puppies so to walk in to Earls Court and be surrounded by them for a good few hours turned me to mush (insert baby voice here). Saturday night was low key, I cooked (applause) for everyone and broke my detox with a few too many glasses of wine, but when you're in good company it would be rude to say no. 

Sunday was absolutely perfect, me and my boyfriend (Ed) wondered round the beautifully decorated streets of Covent Garden, drinking ginger bread latte's. All topped off with a nice roast :). Sad to once again have to say goodbye to Ed (whose still at University up in Sheffield), but I guess it just makes it all the more sweeter when we do get time together. 

VR x

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