Sunday, 25 November 2012

VR Round Up 21.11.12


*Boredom Sketching *Hangover Cure *Shoe Collection *Sparkly Additions *Missguided Virgin *P-eed Off Pup

+ Con-grad-ulations - Graduation was awesome and I think because my sheer amount of  nerves it really flew by, which sadly meant it was all over before I knew it. Fortunately,  it went off without a hitch and we all ended up in Cafe Rouge post ceremony toasting champers and getting over excited with the camera! Graduation has really marked the end of studenthood which I think is both a good and bad thing, although I am excited to see what happens next, I will really miss good ol' Sheffield!!

A Quiet One - I don't think I've recovered from the celebrations earlier on this week because I've been exhausted ever since so this week has been particularly quiet (basically I've gone into hibernation). However, the internship is going well and I'm loving getting stuck in and meeting lots of new and lovely people :).

+ Instruction - Everyone must immediately go and try the new PEANUT BUTTER KITKAT, they are to die for (maybe even topping reece's pieces)! I am going to have a serious struggle with my detox against these bad boys! 

VR x


  1. I'll pick up a peanut butter kit-kat the next time I'm in the shops!

  2. Lovely set of photos. Congratulations on graduating!

    Lindsey. x