Sunday, 16 December 2012

VR Round Up 16.12.12


*Waga-YUM *Bombshell Babes *Oh Christmas Tree *Flying Saucers 
*SS13 *Girl's Best Friend *OOTD Shoot Day *Santa Snack

+ Celeb Spotting - This week had a ridiculously fun kickstart, me and three of the other interns from work went to participate in Graham Norton's audience (watch out for me Jan 4th!) we saw the likes of Billie Piper, Example, Josh Groben and Frank Skinner. If this wasn't exciting enough we were then informed we were seeing an interview for the NYE show, cue Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike walking on stage! An excellent, hilarious night, followed by Wagamama' times all round!

+ Strike A Pose - If my week hadn't been exciting enough, my last day of interning before the Christmas break was spent at the SS13 photoshoot. The day began at 5.30am yawn, but was totally worth it. Actually, strike that the day began on Thursday when me and Alicia (the other PR intern) were sent on a frantic hunt for's safe to say, spending copious amounts of money in small amounts of time is great for mood lifting! Friday's shoot was fun, tiring and stressful combined. I spent most of the day styling outfits (Jimmy Choo and Louboutins are now firmly on my Christmas list) and assisting the model...not particularly PR related but an amazing experience and I am so glad I was trusted with the role and allowed an insight behind the scenes. I also got one of my best friends invited along as she's a photographer to do some shots of behind the scenes. All in all, pretty awesome. However, this day followed by a coach up to Sheffield, which it's safe to say was not one of my weeks highlights.

+ Sheffield 2012 - This weekend was my last trip up to Sheffield in 2012, and very festive it was. Caught up with friends for a pub lunch (always a winner) and attempted some Christmas shopping (fail, again). Spent Saturday night in at my boyfriends which was laavley - we got the M&S dine for £10 deal which was a-mazing, I've always thought the likes of M&S along with Waitrose was up there in food quality and considering you get a main (we had chicken w/ mushrooms, spinach and cheese), a side (we opted for rosti cakes), a dessert (there were SO many to choose from we somehow ended up with fruit :|) and a bottle of wine, I was pretty damn impressed. We watched The Perks of being a Wallflower (my boyfriends favourite book), which I thought was a truly lovely film...if you haven't seen it already then go and do so NOW. Can't wait to get my hands on the book ASAP. Got my four hour coach back to London tonight wahh so we're off for a wonder round Sheffield today, no doubt accompanied by Christmas inspired coffees.

VR x


  1. Beautiful photos! Absolutely love the red, white, and black floral dress!


    1. thank you :), although I was bloody freezing! x

  2. Flying Saucers yummmmmmmm! :)

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.