Sunday, 2 December 2012

VR Round Up 2.12.12


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+ On The Verge - Bleurghhh I've felt on the verge of getting ill for about the last two weeks and have just about managed to avoid it (I've seriously gone to the extent of not seeing friends who are ill just to avoid getting the infamous 'norovirus'). I just hope it can stay away until after I've done the Santa Run a week today (eeeek - nervous and excited combined). Will be training hard this week, have been running twice a week with my brother and gyming at least twice a week too so this week there will be no exceptions. Wish me luck :).

If you are feeling generous this week I am running for Broadway, an extremely worthwhile homeless charity (see here) and my sponsorship page is here!

+ Inner Vintage - I spent the weekend embracing the up and coming festive season with Christmas markets and hunting out vintage shops with my boyfriend (who's wardrobe pretty much resembles each and every one of them), in his attempt to convert me towards savvy shopping. I've always been a high street girl so I find it hard to appreciate that vintage clothes aren't always going to be in my size, the colour I want and so on...but, I have realised if you look hard enough there are some great finds (and surprisingly quite a lot of choice for the vintage fan in Sheffield).

Hope everyone had a lovely (probably freezing) weekend embracing the fast approaching festivities!

VR x


  1. Vintage shop hunting sounds fun! Great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  2. ahh vintage shopping in sheffield is actually quite good! the thai food looks delish xx