Sunday, 30 December 2012

VR Round Up 30.12.12

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+ XMAS - Our Christmas day didn't actually get started until about 3pm (various family members to visit, dogs to walk etc...) but once it did it was wonderful, indulgent and most importantly, fun :). There were eight of us in total and we pretty much managed to demolish the entire spread of Christmas food, everyone's presents were well received and appreciated (check out my present post here) and the evening was spent sipping champagne and playing silly but totally hilarious family games!

+ Over Indulgence - The title pretty much says it all - too much eating, too much drinking and too much of doing nothing. Bleurghhhh! Cannot wait for the new year to roll on and get stuck in to my detox again. My family have just booked a holiday to Kalkan, Turkey in June which seems a hell of a long way off now but then again something to keep me motivated for.

+ So long, farewell - This'll be my last post for 2012. Overall, it has been a pretty amazing year with highlights including; travels from Morocco to Spain to Norway, graduating University, getting my beautiful black lab pup, relocating cities, meeting new people, (re)making some amazing friends and sharing some wonderful experiences (turning 21, working on the Olympics press team, running for charity, seeing some awesome bands name just a few). However, I am also excited for what 2013 has to hold. I still feel very much unbalanced when it comes to decisions for the future (particularly on the job front) so I hope in a years time I will be able to look back and wonder why I was ever even worried!

Happy New Year to you all and hope you see it in with style :)!

VR x


  1. Ive been trying to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower for ages but I find it boring so I haven't gone past the first few pages :(

    Miss drifted Snow White

    1. awhh no, thats a shame! have you seen the film?

      Im only about 1/3 of the way through the book so not sure about it yet but I love the letter style its written in!x

  2. i am definitely feeling the over indulgence.. giving myself one more day to eat crap to save my hangover but detoxing starts tomorrow!