Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Winter Wrap Up

Yes I'm sure you've read plenty of blog posts about how bloody cold it is, but hey, here's another one!

Braving the inner depths of my disorganised and chaotic wardrobe (spurred on by the threat of snow to London), I managed to finally dig out what I thought was going to be copious amounts of winter clothes.

To my relief, knits (as per usual) have made their Winter comeback in all of our wardrobes and luckily I am an owner of a fair few of these! When it's cold, I love nothing more than wrapping up in over sized jumpers and practically disguising myself under layers of chunky knit scarves and hats!

However, apart from my over spend on coats and my last season jumpers, my Winter outfit options are looking pretty bare sad face (I'm choosing to accredit this to the fact I've been in an unpaid internship). But, instead of wallowing in my lack of Winter purchases, I like the idea restyling some of my other clothes to suit this season. Think high waisted shorts with thick patterned tights, long sleeves, a leather jacket and many the accessory! 



Note: Sorry this is such a short post, bit of a traumatic evening last night so just spending today resting/recovering!


  1. Love the leather gloves :) xx

  2. Love both of those hats, too cute xx

  3. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I always like to view those who have left a comment on mine, a great way of finding new blogs to read.

  4. Love those burgundy gloves :) it's nice to read a fellow WIWTer's blog! Feel like I know you a little better! Hope you're OK hun after your evening!!