Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cute Onesies & Slogan Tees

The title of this pretty much says it all...they are literally EVERYWHERE. From celebrities to the average Joe we have succumbed to the unbelievable comfort/coziness and reverted back to our baby selves in the never ending variations of all-in-ones. 

I wasn't convinced at first (still not sure if I am) especially when Primark stocked what only looked like baby grows for adults but, as onesies have come into fashion the styles have excelled and there seem to be some really great ones out there.

I have not taken the plunge and bought a 'serious' one (you know, something that you could feasibly been seen in public in), but I did find an awesome brand back in 2011 called Kigu whose fun animal themed designs are the ultimate comfort buy (well made and fantastic in the Winter), you will however look like some deranged escaped animal but nevertheless, check them out (here). 

I also can't turn without someone labelling themselves a GEEK or a NERD. I'm by no means against mainstream shopping or bagging something which is in current fashion but, I remember picking up a slogan vest almost a year ago...and now look at them fly off the shelves. If anything their popularity has put me off wearing mine because;

A) It's awkward to be looking back at someone wearing the same thing as yourself (trust me I had a painfully embarrassing train journey where FOUR people on the coach were wearing the same coat as me!)
B) People are styling them so well (intimidating or what!)

But hey ho, its always fun to be ahead of the craze!

VR x 


  1. I want a one piece soooo bad!! my pocket couldn't stretch that far so i got a solcal one instead ;)

    check my blog out : http://soph2381.blogspot.co.uk/


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