Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dawn Of The Ages

So somehow its fast approaching the end of January and just around the corner is my 22nd birthday. I swear I was only just celebrating my 21st out in Marrakech?! But hey ho, I'm not going to complain about an excuse to eat cake, have lots of lovely gifts and be the centre of attention (well aside from the fact I share my birthday with my older twin brothers, coincidence or what eh!)

Anyways, these are some things I've been lusting after. Feel free to send one or all of the below. Ideally these two bad boys would come first;

However, I would appreciate these pretty things too...

Missguided Blue Norah Star Jumper

American Apparel Black Crossover Body

IWhoreTees Top

Killer Heels Zara/InLoveWithFashion

Benefit Goodies - Highlighter, Bronzer & Primer

I am also after a hair treatment for split ends (maybe a leave-in conditioner or something)...any recommendations?!

VR x


  1. I so want one of those cars, they are so cool

    Please come by and check out my latest post :)

  2. I have iPad mini , you should get one they're great xx

  3. i want the iwhoretees tee soooo bad!!!!