Sunday, 6 January 2013

VR Round Up 06.01.13



*NYE *Snap, Crackle & Pop *Table Tennis Blur *Country Cafe 
*Remembrance Candle *TGIF *Floral Flasking *Amateur Nail Art

+ NYE - Gosh was it only 6 days ago? Well my NYE was lovely and not like any I have ever had before. I am usually front and centre when it comes to a good old night out but this year was different. With both of us being pretty skint, not being able to decide who's friends/families to stick with and not to mention my NYE outfit not having arrived (thanks for nothing Daisy Street - don't even get me started on their awful customer service), me and my boyfriend (Ed) decided to stay in at his free house in the country and have a simple but perfect evening

We cooked (a damn good three course meal), we drank, we watched fireworks, we played with sparklers, we watched the countdown and we toasted champagne at midnight and I enjoyed myself so much will seriously be considering spending many more a NYE this way :).

+ Boy(friends) - AMAZING weekend. My old housemate from University who moved back to Norway was over in London this weekend (with a friend), so Friday night we kickstarted their break with some of my other friends in Camden (lots of drinking, LOTS of dancing). Saturday I was out the house for over 12 hours straight with a hangover (go me); starting by meeting an old friend from University in Covent Garden, along with Thale and her friend for some much needed, carb loaded lunch at Maxwells followed by some serious shopping in the new Tottenham Court Road Primark. We parted ways with our Norwegian visitors and headed back to Covent Garden where we met up with Ed and all headed to Costa for a sit down and coffee fix. From there me and Ed took a little walk, braved some sales and then headed to Clapham Common to have dinner and a movie with his sister and her boyfriend. All in all great fun with great people (I do however hate goodbyes).

+ Late Rise - It's goodbye to lie ins and hello to early morning alarms and gym sessions. The time has come to head back to my internship for its last few weeks and bid farewell to all my lucky lucky student boyfriend/friends who are off back to University. I am also becoming increasingly aware that I need to line up a new internship or even better a job ASAP. Help! 

VR x 


  1. Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year hun, lovely nails!

    Eda ♥

  3. Happy New Year! Love your flask and nails xx

  4. That's not the first time I've heard something negative about Daisy Street, oh dear! Sounds like a really lovely NYE. I love that flask! x

  5. Looks like you've had a fabulous first week of 2013, I hope your fun continues.

    Lindsey. x