Sunday, 20 January 2013

VR Round Up 20.01.13


*MAX Organisation *Birthday List *Playing Mum *Obsession 
*Nail Essentials *Getting To 'Grips' *Generic 'It Snowed' *Snow Essentials

Snow Day Lame - I spent my entire quiet, gym orientated week super excited for this weekend. I had made some great plans (a big girls night out on Friday in Mayfair and some friends from University were coming to London for the weekend). Sadly because of the heavy snow fall on Friday all of these plans fell apart and everything was cancelled/postponed until better weather. As you can imagine this was seriously frustrating. You'd of thought it was the apocalypse here in London (Note to self: do not go to the supermarket when snow's a mad house). 

+ Shop/Drink/Chill-a-thon - This weekend wasn't all bad, I was on a mission to not let the snow entirely ruin it. I spent Friday having some mother/daughter time; we cooked a curry, had some drinks and watched Magic Mike (ladies, if you have even the slightest inkling towards Channing Tatum then this is the film for you! Phoarrr). To cheer myself up I  turned to the best kind of therapy, retail therapy; I have now sorted my birthday meal and birthday party outfits, completed birthday shopping for my brothers (Yes, all born on the same day. No, not triplets.) and treated myself to the odd sale item (Zara/Aldo/Forever 21 sales are still AMAZING).  Also, managed to squeeze in an early dog walk in the snow, a lovely catch up with an old school friend at the pub and a cheeky Chinese takeaway. 

+ Bring It On - Tonnes of great stuff coming up next week (snow permitting) so I am thoroughly cheered up after the bad news Friday brought. Birthday celebrations, cinema/beauty salon trips AND to honour the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show we are going to see the stage show in Wimbledon. I'm still debating whether or not I'm brave enough to dress up?!

VR x


  1. 'getting to grips' ha love it!
    meh im so sick of the snow, i know London goes manic at the sight of snow. Did you see the tubes?! x