Sunday, 27 January 2013

VR Round Up 27.01.13



*Simple As *Snowy Walk *Going, Going, Gone *Tube Sign Inspiration 
*Birthday Surprise *Chocolate Fudge *Champagne&Cake *Tequila Coffee

Going, Going, Gone - Finished my internship earlier this week. So gutted to be leaving, as I've made some great new friends and had some at times testing but fabulous experiences, but, it just got to a point where I felt I needed to move on and keep learning...hopefully we will all stay in touch and I wont be on the job hunt for too long...I can't bare not having structure.

+ Rocky Horror - On Tuesday I headed to South Wimbledon theatre to watch the 40th anniversary show of Rocky Horror and it was a-mazing! I'm a big fan of stage shows and this one was so much fun. I really recommend going to see it, its touring all over the UK (back to London in April) and the tickets were really reasonable (about £20 w/ booking fee). Dancing, singing, fancy dress (ok, so we didn't - it was snowing, but so many others made such effort and they looked awesome), drinking and laughing - what more could you want for a Tuesday night?

+ Twenty Two - I manage to avoid those January blues because my birthday always comes round so quickly after Christmas. Although 22 is not an age to particularly make a fuss of, we still celebrated like it was :) and coincidentally I share my birthday with my older twin brothers so it always feels like Christmas take two. I spent the morning at the gym working out and swimming before mass cake consumption, then my mum took both of us off to get pampered (manicures all round), we then joined my brothers and dad to drink champagne, open presents and over indulge on cake (I made a chocolate fudge one YUM)  and finally, we all headed to The Carob Tree (greek cuisine) with my sister and cousin for a slap up family meal. All in all, a day to remember...especially when the entire restaurant sang us Happy Birthday (cue red face).

+ Mexicans, Mad Hatters and More - To celebrate my brothers quarter century and my turning 22 we threw one of the oddest themed parties known to man. All I can say was much tequila and fun was had and a sore head followed. Picture post to follow.

+ WARNING - Movie 43 has got to be the worst and most utterly pointless film I have ever seen. Do not be fooled by the impressive cast list, it was a waste of money and my poor boyfriend is now £16 poorer and not a happy bunny.

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  1. Cute pictures, hope you find a nice job soon :)