Thursday, 28 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Note: This is a tad late, as I had to rush out of London on Sunday night. Better late than never eh...

Last Sunday, I was one of many fashion lovers to make the trip over to the beautiful Somerset House for London Fash Weekend.

I'm sure you all have read more than enough on LFW so instead I give you a little photo diary of my day. 

What I will say is I had an awesome time (I'm sure part of this is attributed to our boozy lunch at Smollenskys afterwards). I was accompanied by two of my most lovely friends and our thoughts centered largely on the fact that the Diet Coke men were HOT (if you were there, you know what I mean) and we really like free stuff (especially when it's drinkable, edible & wearable)...oh, and the fashion was good too!

Me (Didn't we all have one of these?)

Samantha - Alicia - Me


Benefit Photobooth

Show Bag


I kept it pretty casual as it was freezing and I have no stamina walking around in heels!
I wore H&M Shirt, COS Necklace, Tophshop Jeans & River Island Boots.

VR x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sunday, 24 February 2013

VR Round Up 24.02.13

*Interning *Wakey Wakey *Classic Friday 
*Westfield *Cubana *Fortune Cookie

+ Comedown - Pretty exhausted and full of cold which has meant many early nights this week but still managed to meet a friend for good old 241 Pizza Express, have some serious retail therapy at Westfield and a few glasses of wine in good company!

+ Queen B - I was already a big fan of Beyonce (WHO GOT TICKETS? GIMMIE!); power to the women and all that and so, when my friend sent me a link to her documentary, I obviously had to watch it immediately. I was unprepared for how emotional it is though, so this is me telling you to go get the tissues ready! (

+ LFW - Ok so I wasn't invited front row but undeterred from our lack of fame, me and two friends headed to London Fashion WEEKEND for some fashion related fun! Even though we had to pay (the horror!) it was an amazing day and we did get our share of the glamour!

VR x

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Can't get enough of Leighs

Over the past few months I've really got in to reading other peoples blogs and as I became increasingly aware that I needed some new jeans (saggy bum just isn't a good look), I was pretty certain I was going to go for the Topshop Leigh's....these jeans have spread like wild fire through the bloggersphere!

I hopped on over to my local Topshop and with birthday money in hand, I purchased a pair of the bad boys that everyone, everywhere is raving about. I opted for the MOTO Indigo Leighs but not too worry they come in a ridiculous amount of different colours and patterns. 

Leighs are £38.00 (£34.20 thanks to my boyfriends student card!) which at the time I wasn't too happy about but actually I thats pretty damn reasonable for a pair of everyday jeans...if you think of the price per wear, then they are basically free. I purchased them two weeks ago and so far, so good. I opted for a slightly smaller size as I was prewarned they stretch (as I find alot of Topshop clothes do) and after a few lunges wears they are a perfect fit!

I'm rather impressed and always baffled when I like an item I reluctantly paid for. Why is it that I will happily splash out £40 for a dress but am horrified to pay that for everyday wear? MADNESS I TELL YOU!

VR x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Way, The York Way!

Hopped on over to York for a romantic getaway on Sunday for the night and found myself falling in love with this quaint and endearing little city! Cobbled streets disguise big (sometimes garish) high street brands, sandwiching them neatly between countless coffee shops and tea rooms (my idea of heaven, pass the cupcake! I wish, damn lent!). 

We spent most of our time wandering around checking out the sites (York Minster, York Castle, City Walls, the river etc...) and popping in to the odd vintage shop. Thankfully the weather was great so it was a pleasure to be outside! It was also the Jorvik festival whilst we were there so to our amusement we were faced with many a viking around town!

We stayed at Hotel 53, which aside from the paper thin walls/ceilings was great value for money. We paid around £50 for a spacious double room (w/out breakfast) with all the usual amenities (coffee/tea making facilities, TV etc). The staff were very friendly and everything was super modern. 

After a couple drinks at the hotel, we ate out at Oscar's Wine Bar which was recommended to us by a friend and it did not disappoint. Surprisingly upbeat for a Sunday evening, Oscar's offered some amazing happy hour(s) deals on drinks and although the menu wasn't particularly varied the portion sizes were extremely generous and very tasty (neither of us made it to dessert). 

No food-ie pictures so please enjoy this alternative breakfast spoon shot :)...

For the evening, I wore my missguided midi, a Miss Selfridge statement necklace and River Island ankle boots.

Although we didn't do any of the paid tourist attractions (York Dungeons, The Big Wheel etc), I think the Chocolate Factory experience looked fun and a boat trip and a ghost walk in the Summer would not go amiss! Visiting The Fudge Kitchen is a must...the fudge although pricey, is to die for (sorry Lent)

All in all, York was wonderful, a great way to celebrate mine and my boyfriends anniversary and we will most definitely returning in the summer months. One night just wasn't enough!

VR x

Saturday, 16 February 2013

VR Round Up 17.02.13

Note: This is a day early as I'm off on a little romantic getaway to York tomorrow! Happy Weekend!



*Blue Monday *Shrove Tuesday *Researching & Refreshing *Mother-Daughter Meal
*London Palladium *A Chorus Line *Valentines *Girls

+ Touring - This week has been absolute madness, in the space of seven days I will have been to a from Sheffield three times, visited Manchester, taken a trip to York and popped home to London...I am sure exhaustion is coming my way but its been an absolute ball. I've managed to squeeze in a wonderful (and free - thanks to Tesco's clubcard vouchers) meal at Strada, a visit to the Palladium to see A Chorus Line (got to love a feel good musical), a indoor valentines picnic (you'd never guess I'm dating a student?!), a swift trip over to Manchester to catch up with friends (with probably the most impressive house party I've ever been to) and tomorrow I am off for an anniversary trip to York. How I am still awake is beyond me?!

+ Lent - So I've given up chocolate, sweets and other such tasty sugary goods but, we shall see how long this lasts...! I'm not religious in the slightest but lent for me is like New Years resolutions take two. On a related note, I think pancakes are my new favourite food, shame I wont be eating them for a while.

+ Eye of the Beholder - I hope everyone had a great Valentines (yes you singletons too)! Me and my boyfriend agreed that a pretend holiday such as V-day is only worth celebrating if you do it in your own way and on your own terms. We kept it pretty low key (bank accounts praising us) and simply opted for a night in together with good food, good wine and of course good company. It really can be nicer to keep things simple and considering we are off to York tomorrow we thought why not!

VR x