Thursday, 21 February 2013

Can't get enough of Leighs

Over the past few months I've really got in to reading other peoples blogs and as I became increasingly aware that I needed some new jeans (saggy bum just isn't a good look), I was pretty certain I was going to go for the Topshop Leigh's....these jeans have spread like wild fire through the bloggersphere!

I hopped on over to my local Topshop and with birthday money in hand, I purchased a pair of the bad boys that everyone, everywhere is raving about. I opted for the MOTO Indigo Leighs but not too worry they come in a ridiculous amount of different colours and patterns. 

Leighs are £38.00 (£34.20 thanks to my boyfriends student card!) which at the time I wasn't too happy about but actually I thats pretty damn reasonable for a pair of everyday jeans...if you think of the price per wear, then they are basically free. I purchased them two weeks ago and so far, so good. I opted for a slightly smaller size as I was prewarned they stretch (as I find alot of Topshop clothes do) and after a few lunges wears they are a perfect fit!

I'm rather impressed and always baffled when I like an item I reluctantly paid for. Why is it that I will happily splash out £40 for a dress but am horrified to pay that for everyday wear? MADNESS I TELL YOU!

VR x


  1. I love the Leighs, they are so good! They didn't used to be, I worked in Topshop when they brought them in and so many got returned because they sagged in the butt after a few washes! Awful! No-one wants a saggy-butt.

    And using bf's student card is the best reason to take him shopping, that and to carry your purchases.

    Em x

  2. I am completely the same! I spend stupid amounts on silly things I buy once and then cringe when spending the same on items I'll get more wear out of! Lol Weirdo I am! :)

    Siobhan xxxx

  3. These are lovely, I really like the blue and red ones!

    Nice blog, i'm a new follower!

    Kimberley x

  4. Haha i love your style of writing, so engaging! I have just found your blog and i'm really loving it :)

    I've just followed, if you could check out my blog that would be amazing, and you're more than welcome to follow back if you like what you see :)

    Lauren xx

    1. Thanks very much, that means alot! Will head on over and check you blog out x