Sunday, 10 February 2013

VR Round Up 10.02.13

*3for2 Rimmel *Girls Moment *Tiger Ring Holder *Always In Good Company
*Sheffield Grey *Django Unchained *Bear Spotting *Eat My Disco Events

+ Networking - WAHEYY, just as I was starting to get seriously frustrated and lose all hope of getting some work, I managed to secure myself a PR role in a fashion start up (which could lead to full time work in a couple months). I am beyond relieved and am now looking forward to the chilled and non job hunting days I have before I start. Oh, and I managed to get this position purely from networking with some previous colleagues. I don't know whether this says something great about my communication skills or that I should be worried I couldn't secure a job through traditional means (better take another look at that CV of mine)!? 

+ Northern Fun - No surprises I headed up to Sheffield pretty much as soon as I knew I had a job (well internship for now) to celebrate and have some fun. I saw Django this week at the Showroom Cinema which is FANTASTIC (the film and the cinema alike), I'd definitely recommend going whilst you still can...big screen is always better in my books. I also spent a few evenings in the shockingly cheap student pubs of Sheffield (£1.25 for a JD & Coke makes for a drunken VR) and had a horrendously drunken (and fun!) night out last night. However, this is why I am still in bed and is where I will remain until tomorrow when I can get the coach back to London that I managed to miss today. OOPS (not complaining about more time with the boyfriend, especially when hangover days consist mainly of food goodbye detox!). 

VR x


  1. well done for the PR role in fashion! Sounds like such a great opportunity :)

  2. Well done on getting yourself a ~PR role in Fashion, definitely majorly jealous! Great photos xx

  3. I love the Rimmel mascara!!


  4. I love our blog, you are such an eloquent writer, I love reading your posts! Definitely following your blog!

  5. Congrats on securing the fashion pr Job! Networking is by far the best way to get internships and jobs especially in the PR industry. I did a marketing internship over Christmas the only reason I got it was due to the people I'd recently made friends with.

  6. wow what an inspiration :) love this post :) your style is amazing :) xo

  7. I absolutely loved Django! Soooo good.

    The Style Rawr!

  8. Congrats on the job role! I also need to see this film everyone has been saying how good it is!!! xx

  9. Really enjoying your blog. Love your newest follower :)