Saturday, 16 February 2013

VR Round Up 17.02.13

Note: This is a day early as I'm off on a little romantic getaway to York tomorrow! Happy Weekend!



*Blue Monday *Shrove Tuesday *Researching & Refreshing *Mother-Daughter Meal
*London Palladium *A Chorus Line *Valentines *Girls

+ Touring - This week has been absolute madness, in the space of seven days I will have been to a from Sheffield three times, visited Manchester, taken a trip to York and popped home to London...I am sure exhaustion is coming my way but its been an absolute ball. I've managed to squeeze in a wonderful (and free - thanks to Tesco's clubcard vouchers) meal at Strada, a visit to the Palladium to see A Chorus Line (got to love a feel good musical), a indoor valentines picnic (you'd never guess I'm dating a student?!), a swift trip over to Manchester to catch up with friends (with probably the most impressive house party I've ever been to) and tomorrow I am off for an anniversary trip to York. How I am still awake is beyond me?!

+ Lent - So I've given up chocolate, sweets and other such tasty sugary goods but, we shall see how long this lasts...! I'm not religious in the slightest but lent for me is like New Years resolutions take two. On a related note, I think pancakes are my new favourite food, shame I wont be eating them for a while.

+ Eye of the Beholder - I hope everyone had a great Valentines (yes you singletons too)! Me and my boyfriend agreed that a pretend holiday such as V-day is only worth celebrating if you do it in your own way and on your own terms. We kept it pretty low key (bank accounts praising us) and simply opted for a night in together with good food, good wine and of course good company. It really can be nicer to keep things simple and considering we are off to York tomorrow we thought why not!

VR x

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  1. Lovely photos! I love the look of your Topshop nail polish x