Sunday, 31 March 2013

VR Round Up 31.03.13

A photo of an array of macaroons in a range of flavoursA photo of nail varnish experimentation


*Macaroon Sampling *Mix & Match Nails *Hi-Sushi *Sushi Square*Taste Testing 
*Last Day *Ideal Home Show *Good Friday *Benefit Goodies *Heston B

10 Challenges Awards - I was so thrilled when I received a letter from Broadway (the homeless charity I ran for in December) telling me that I had be nominated for TWO of their ten challenges awards. I'm up for an one in the individual category and the other in the sport. Sadly, I can't attend the awards and birthday evening as I'll be up north starting my new job but I am so honoured to have been nominated! Fingers crossed!

+ Lent-ish (EGGCELLENT) - HAPPY EASTER :) I managed to not purchase or consume any chocolate bars/packets or sweets of any sort for the entirety of lent, go me! However, my cake, biscuit and dessert consumption probably doubled throughout this time...what a fail! 

+ Intern No More - I am officially no longer an intern and have had a wonderful weekend celebrating my short freedom before I begin my new job. I have spent time in beautiful Cambridge, had a hilarious cocktail/takeaway night with the girls, went to the Ideal Homeshow with Ed and to top it all off today I will be having a delicious farewell meal with the entire family (minus one of my brothers who is gallivanting around Malaysia) before I move up to Sheffield next week! I'm going to really miss Aliya.J (enter their LAUNCH PARTY competition HERE) but I'm really excited to start a new chapter my life...

VR x

Friday, 29 March 2013


A photo of the Aliya.J London logo

Aliya.J is the online fashion company I've been interning for and am sadly leaving (to relocate to Sheffield).  However, I thought I'd give you guys a heads up about a competition they've launched with which the winner gets two tickets to their exclusive launch party. I'd really appreciate and love it if some fellow bloggers would get would be nice to meet some of you in real life!

 Aliya.J is a small start up company with big ideas and if you could see all the research, work and effort going towards this event, I think you'd appreciate what a special night it is going to be. 

It's really easy, simply follow this link: CLICK ME :)
and complete the 3 steps listed on the flyer!

The winner will be chosen in the next week so get involved whist you can!

Flyer for the Aliya.J London launch party Twitter competition

I can't reveal too much about whats going to happen on the night because then it wouldn't be EXCLUSIVE but below are some of the goodies we've been trying out! There will also be some amazing beauty treatments (massages to make up tutorials), as well as a champagne and canape reception! 

Instagram Photo of mixed cupcakes 

Instagram Photo of a selection of macaroons from Hotel Macaroon

Instagram Photo of an assortment of delicious desserts

I will be coming back to London especially to oversee and attend the launch so hopefully I'll see some of you there!


VR x

p.s. Give them a like on Facebook

Thursday, 28 March 2013


If you read last weeks VR Round Up then you would have seen that I'm soon to be moving into my own flat which I am so excited to get decorating and make into my own. However, sadly my immediate budget isn't going to allow for everything I'd like.

So I've decided to get my DIY hat on to create some affordable, individual and hopefully, fairly easy bits and bobs for my new home! I think little details can really make a difference :)

Here is some flat inspiration I've found online so far...

A photo of interior design inspiration

DIY decoration. Using Instagram photos as wall decoration.

A photo of my ideal desk space. Organised and Chic

Furnitureless wardrobe

A photo of the outside of a delightful country house

Please please please 
if you have any tips or know of any fantastic blog posts/YouTube videos for this type of thing


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

VR Thumbs Up


Revolucion de Cuba

Stumbled upon Revs de Cuba whilst in Sheffield and would highly recommend a meal here. I'm pretty sure it's more of a bar/club at night but in terms food they have some amazing daytime deals. I opted for the burrito and mojito deal (of course) whilst those who accompanied me opted for a pulled pork sandwich and cuban hot burger. Obviously, I had to taste test both and they really were delicious! A highlight (aside from the Cuban decor) has got to be the spicy rum sauce, TRY IT...its heaven! I am now a convert and will more than likely become a regular here and not to worry they are dotted around England so it's accessible for all!

Pros: Relaxed atmosphere, good food , affordable prices, wide selection available.
Cons: More than likely loud/crowded during the evenings (not idea for a sit down meal).

A photo of my Steak Burrito with Cuban sides

A photo of my Mojito Cocktail

Silversmiths is one of those restaurants that you could walk past in the street and not even notice it was there. Thats ok though, as the food does all the talking! Tucked away on a quiet street between Sheffield's train station and the city centre, Silversmiths decor is chic but understated and the staff are friendly and attentive (sometimes a little too much. I like to take my time with the menu!!). The food menu is simply one and half pages and boasts an array of traditional dishes. In contrast, the cocktail/wine menu is rather impressive and takes a little more attention. I opted for the 'Cocktail of the Week' which was a Rhubarb, Vodka, Champagne mix and was out of this world, and was then followed with a few pleasant glasses of the house white. 

Unbelievably reasonable prices for excellent food made my visit all the more enjoyable (around £15 for two courses and £17 for three). I began with a squash and blue cheese tart on rocket, followed with the crispy pork belly (accompanied with 'fat' chips and honey glazed carrots) and being undeterred by fullness I split (three ways) a Chocolate Eccy Road (e.g. marshmallow, salted caramel, chocolate cast puffed rice and honeycomb). All in all, a lovely restaurant for a special occasion. However, I left that little bit too full (totally my own doing)!

Pros: Locally sourced food, delicious and well put together dishes, varying menu throughout the week.  
Cons: Food is only served until 9.30pm on weekdays, booking is (usually) necessary.

A photo of my pork belly main at Silversmiths Sheffield

A photo of my cocktail at Silversmiths Sheffield 
VR x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

VR Round Up 24.03.13


*Accessories Galore *On Shoot *Champagne Celebrations *Jurys Inn *Sheffield View
*Rhubarb Cocktail *Cuba de Revolution *Burrito & Mojito *Moving Card *Liquid Chocolate

+  Big Changes - In the space of 7 days my world has been flipped upside down. It went abit like this; got put up for a job > GOT THE JOB > sign for the job > job is out of London > relocating to Sheffield > go to Sheffield on a mad flat hunt > find a flat > sign for flat > BREATHE. So it's official, I am now a Communications Officer and am moving in to my own flat on the 5th of April!

+ Meanwhile - Amongst all the excitement I've already told you about, I have been part of tonnes of other amazing things this week. On Monday I assisted at my internships first photoshoot. It was amazing, tiring, stressful and brilliant combined and although we were on shoot for near on fifteen hours (exhausting me for a good few days), it was well worth it and I can't wait to see the outcome. On both Wednesday and Thursday, I visited some impressive restaurants which I will be reviewing in my next post. On Friday, I was invited to go and meet the Mayor of Sheffield at a London 2012 Gamesmaker reception in the Town Hall; taking a look back and celebrating the Olympic volunteers (watch out for me in The Sheffield Star). I am honoured to have been invited and to have been recognised for my involvement in such a spectacular event.

+ Endings - This weekend has been fantastic, I have finally had a chance to slow down and relax. Aside from a little afternoon drinking session with my best friend at the pub yesterday (obligatory when celebrating), a family meal last night and trip to get some work clothes this afternoon, I plan to do absolutely nothing...BLISS! Tomorrow marks the start of my last week at my fashion internship. In all honesty I'm gutted to be leaving but just trying to focus on the whirlwind of exciting things ahead!

VR x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Interviews - What and Wear!

Graduating, applying for jobs and attending interviews (if we're lucky) can be stressful enough without having to worry about what to wear. In this case, I do think first impressions count (after all employers usually make a decision on whether or not to hire you after the first meet).

Having attended a fair few interviews (as well as some work meetings, events and photoshoots here and there) since graduating, so I thought it was time to put a little post together of the different styles of interview I've had to dress for.

The Formal Interview

Zara Pencil Skirt, Primark Blouse and H&M Blazer

The Smart Casual Interview

 H&M Printed Trousers/Black Top and New Look Wedges
(featuring the boyfriend photographer)

The Informal Interview

H&M Trousers, Topshop Top (self customised) and Cos Necklace

VR x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

VR Round Up 17.03.13

*Oz Goodies *Sports Selfie *New Bag Loving *Planning
(Only a few this week, been so busy!)

+ BYE BYE GFC - So to my dismay we are bidding farewell to Google Reader (and GFC), which means we are all hopping on over to various blog sharing websites and so, with every door that closes, another opens. So please open your blogging door and take a mo' to my Bloglovin' and/or HelloCotton (icons on the right). Much appreciated!

+ News Flash - So this week, I received some really really BIG news which is possibly going to change alot of my current life and basically I really want to tell everyone and anyone who will listen. However, I cannot reveal what the news actually is until next week so stay posted and keep fingers and toes crossed!

+ Fly By - This week flew by, what with getting a photoshoot ready for tomorrow at my internship, travelling up to Sheffield and taking a road trip to Nottingham over the weekend (for some very drunken antics with old university friends...nothing like letting your hair down everyone once in a while...especially in HOOTERS!). I am unsurprisingly exhausted now and with the photoshoot tomorrow, this is now my queue to curl up in a ball and hibernate for as long as possible.

VR x

Friday, 15 March 2013

VR Thoughts; Outfit Sharing Online

Outfit sharing has got to be one of my favourite things about the bloggersphere, and maybe even the internet (alright, thats abit of an overstatement!). Whats not to like? A nosey into someone else's wardrobe/lifestyle whilst getting your own bit of style inspiration, PERFECTO! I've never really got in to OOTD posts because there are so many great websites to use for that. In my eyes, the two big contenders are Lookbook and WIWT. 


Whilst I've always wanted to join Lookbook and admire those who have, I've avoided it at all costs because 1) I am no photographer, 2) I am no model and 3) My wardrobe is sadly not endless (see; Narnia) and permanently on trend. Boohoo, cue the bloody violins!

In contrast, the really great thing about WIWT is that it doesn't feel like it has set any expectations. Ok, so no ones complaining when they make Editors Choice but its nice to know that iPhone in the mirror shots are widely accepted, as are bad hair days. Plus it has it's own little community going on!

Yes its frustrating to see someone else wearing that item you really wanted (or sometimes even worse that one you own) or posing in a unrealistic outfit in crazy weather conditions (snow and mini skirt...the horror!) but then again, why shouldn't they? If thats what the wore, want to wear or recently bought then I say good on them for being brave enough to put it out there!

Whichever site you choose to use (I am sure there are many more out there), I love the idea of having documentation of what I wore for either future referral, future inspiration or future embarrassment...either way, its nice to know it will be there like an online photo diary of sorts.

My WIWT low down;

Member Since: 11th December 2011
Outfits Posted: 155
Editors Choice: 27
A Look Back:






Also, I must say I am very excited by the recent influx of members to WIWT, seems to be growing by the day!

VR x