Thursday, 28 March 2013


If you read last weeks VR Round Up then you would have seen that I'm soon to be moving into my own flat which I am so excited to get decorating and make into my own. However, sadly my immediate budget isn't going to allow for everything I'd like.

So I've decided to get my DIY hat on to create some affordable, individual and hopefully, fairly easy bits and bobs for my new home! I think little details can really make a difference :)

Here is some flat inspiration I've found online so far...

A photo of interior design inspiration

DIY decoration. Using Instagram photos as wall decoration.

A photo of my ideal desk space. Organised and Chic

Furnitureless wardrobe

A photo of the outside of a delightful country house

Please please please 
if you have any tips or know of any fantastic blog posts/YouTube videos for this type of thing



  1. I fear that when I get my own place that everything will be duck egg blue... I am crushing on that front door with the Hydrangeas right now.

    E x

  2. These are so cute I love the duck egg front door! I always find inspiration on pinterest really :)x

  3. Such lovely photos! I love the fairy lights around the mirror x

  4. Lovely inspiration pics, I really want to print off my instagram pics like that!
    now following :)

  5. These are so cute :-) i love your blog's name as well! x

  6. Such a lovely look, Have you had a look at Anthropologie for inspiration, and also i love looking at Tricia Guild.....!! Let me know what you think?...please check out my blog too if you get a mo!! p.s. just started following you too, if you fancy following back or just comments would be lovely!! xxx

    1. Thanks for the tips :)! Will head on over to your blog xx

  7. These are such lovely pictures! I really can't recommend Home Sense at TK Maxx enough, the things they sell are so lovely and unique but such good prices! Have a look at their blog too for inspiration, it's really good ( and if you wanted one of those big floor standing mirrors the best site I've found is, they do the huge antique style ones from £69 rather than the hundreds and hundreds they usually cost! I also did a little post about some decorating ideas I did in my own apartment here
    You'll love decorating your own place it's so exciting!!

    Sophie at xxx