Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Intern Perks

First off let me say that working for free in an internship can be pretty frustrating at times and even if you one of the lucky ones (like myself) to get your expenses paid then you're probably only just about breaking even (and that's if you move back in with the parents and convince them that your company is far more worthy than rent is). 

Anyways more the the point, I am learning to accept that interning is just something most of us will have to do at some point either to gain experience, get a foot in the door or to help us discover where our interests really lie (I believe I am all of the above). 

If we forget the long days and lack of money, I have found there can be some real perks to interning. Daily incentives in the fashion internships I've experienced (aside from the obvious - learning) include seeing all the stock first (shotgun mine!), being in the know about usually secret goings on and last but not least, getting to wear some or all of the clothes.

In interning land, today was an extra special day for me as I was invited along with my boss to a networking event for entrepreneurial business women in North London.

The event took place in the function room of a beautiful country pub on the outskirts of London and we were welcomed with an array of refreshments.

The morning involved a welcome talk from Re: Magazine editor Claire (host of the event),  personal introductions/speeches by all attendees, inspiring talks/discussions on topics from building your brand to incorporating fitness in to working lives and of course, time for getting to know each other (business cards to the ready). 

Although I wasn't attending as my own business owner, it was so wonderful to get an insight in to what it takes to be your own boss and hear from women who have, and still are, leading incredible careers.

Heart Shortbread & Lollipop Cake

We were gifted these delightful treats and obviously it would have been rude to decline!

I wore a dress by one of the brands the company I am interning for will be stocking and with the sun shining today it felt like the perfect choice!

VR x


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  5. Cary on going with the intern, from what it sounds like its a good company to work for and your hard work and efforts will reward you at the end :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.