Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tuition Fees Not Included

Sitting on the bus to work internland minding my own business when this headline (Tuition Fees Not Included) jumped out at me; intriguing me and then giving me the giggles. The article was all about the recent appearance of American inspired Jersey's, which have hopped on over to the UK and I must say I am loving them - a mix of effortless cool and ultimate comfort.

Personally I'd wear one with a pair of skinny jeans and a heel so to get a good mix of casual and dressy, though I'm sure they'd look just as good with leggings/disco pants and a pair of trainers - the ultimate sports luxe look!

Sadly, only some us are brave enough wear them like this...

Oh and if you were wondering, the giggles were attributed to the fact that at a point last year I seriously considered relocating over to the US to continue studying. That was until I was presented with a fee larger than anyone with my bank balance would like to see and so, the magazine is probably American jersey is probably the closest I'm getting to US student life!!

VR x


  1. I love this look too. I always wear oversized American College hoodies and pair them with skinny jeans and converse. Perfect for the everyday casual look. And I agree with the US tuition fees, I starting seeing someone who lived in Los Angeles and so thought of moving there to study, something like $40k a year?! London it is then.

    1. Haa tell me about it, madness! We need to go get ourselves some scholarships :)x

  2. Education here in the US is so insanely expensive and it keeps going up by the day :/ I worked the entire time I studied and I'm lucky enough to have graduated with without any loans. It's better off to just get a degree you can afford and apply yourself at internships or work :D

    Castle Fashion

    1. Ahhh wow, thats commited! Yeah Im hoping one day Ill make it over to work :) x

  3. Oh I love these jerseys!! I agree with the other comments, damn it's expensive to go to school here... Burning a hole in my pocket trynna get an education..

    Btw, great job on your blog layout as well! Keep it up!

    xx Nita

  4. It is insanely expensive to go to school here as everyone has mentioned. Even community college is super pricey. But hopefully it will be worth it in the long run. I agree with your love for jerseys, so much to do with them, I like them either cropped or tied with a skirt!

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