Sunday, 3 March 2013

VR Round Up 03.03.13


*Coffee Loving * Miniature Goodness *Travel Distractions *Nail Accessory 
*Itsu Convert *Parkland Walk * L-Print Boots *Forced Smile?

+ Marching - Woah so it's March, didn't we only just celebrate the New Year? 

+ Random - This week was a bit of a random one. Whilst I feel like I haven't achieved a lot, when I come to think of it, it has been pretty non stop; from meetings and lunches in Covent Garden to hardcore gym attendance to long walks on secret London paths to movie wine evenings - I guess it has been a pretty eventful seven days!

+ Inner Child - I've watched Wreck-it Ralph and Hotel Transylvania this week. Both are wonderful, sweet and who doesn't love a happy ending? I'd definitely recommend giving them a watch!

+ Travel Envy - My social networking feeds are annoyingly filling with friends, family and what feels like everyone I have ever known, having a wonderful time gallivanting around the world. I am so ridiculously tempted to just up and leave England. There really is nothing like a good old adventure!!

VR x


  1. I can't believe its March either - did February even happen?! You my dear, have a new Instagram follower :)

    Fiona xo

  2. Why do boys never corporate with the selfies? So annoying! Love Mr kipling though, I bet he would pull good faces and give me bakewells!

    E x

  3. so excited it's march - means its got to summer soon(ish)! gorgeous nails :)

  4. Very interesting picture...
    I like this..


  5. love your nails.. so simple and pretty.