Sunday, 24 March 2013

VR Round Up 24.03.13


*Accessories Galore *On Shoot *Champagne Celebrations *Jurys Inn *Sheffield View
*Rhubarb Cocktail *Cuba de Revolution *Burrito & Mojito *Moving Card *Liquid Chocolate

+  Big Changes - In the space of 7 days my world has been flipped upside down. It went abit like this; got put up for a job > GOT THE JOB > sign for the job > job is out of London > relocating to Sheffield > go to Sheffield on a mad flat hunt > find a flat > sign for flat > BREATHE. So it's official, I am now a Communications Officer and am moving in to my own flat on the 5th of April!

+ Meanwhile - Amongst all the excitement I've already told you about, I have been part of tonnes of other amazing things this week. On Monday I assisted at my internships first photoshoot. It was amazing, tiring, stressful and brilliant combined and although we were on shoot for near on fifteen hours (exhausting me for a good few days), it was well worth it and I can't wait to see the outcome. On both Wednesday and Thursday, I visited some impressive restaurants which I will be reviewing in my next post. On Friday, I was invited to go and meet the Mayor of Sheffield at a London 2012 Gamesmaker reception in the Town Hall; taking a look back and celebrating the Olympic volunteers (watch out for me in The Sheffield Star). I am honoured to have been invited and to have been recognised for my involvement in such a spectacular event.

+ Endings - This weekend has been fantastic, I have finally had a chance to slow down and relax. Aside from a little afternoon drinking session with my best friend at the pub yesterday (obligatory when celebrating), a family meal last night and trip to get some work clothes this afternoon, I plan to do absolutely nothing...BLISS! Tomorrow marks the start of my last week at my fashion internship. In all honesty I'm gutted to be leaving but just trying to focus on the whirlwind of exciting things ahead!

VR x


  1. mmm thats a pretty stunning burrito :P

  2. So fun!!


  3. Congratulations on the new job and the relocation! Sounds very exciting! Also, all of your drinks look amazing. I could go for a Sunday French Martini right now.

    E x

  4. congratulations on your new job hope it all goes well. Love the photos

  5. love those photos...congratulations on your new job

  6. Rhubarb cocktail? WANT. Huge congrats for getting a new job!

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  7. Aww congrats on getting a new job! :) x