Sunday, 7 April 2013

VR Round Up 07.04.13

* London Spree *Cheesy Chips *Kitty Slippers *Boots Goodies
*Leaving Gifts *Fancie *Flat Pet *Biscuit Pocket

+ Moving Mayhem - This week has been utterly hectic! Trying to juggle a move up North, packing and unpacking, more spending than you can imagine, a social life and time to prepare for my first day at my new job has been a struggle but here I am, sat in my new flat, totally unbelieving that this is all real.

+ Spa Surprise - Sadly my mum couldn't come up to Sheffield to help me move in but  generously (and unexpectedly) she booked me in for some much need relaxation at Spa 1877 (post coming soon!) with a 30 minute Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage...exactly what the doctor ordered!

+ Gratitude - I owe thanks to so many people for helping this move happen without a hitch! Just to mention a few; big love to my mama, papa, boyfriend and all my beautiful friends (especially the ones in London who I already miss ALOT).

VR x


  1. So jelous of all your shopping!

  2. Lovely post, that was so nice of your mam to book that!

  3. Yay for a shopping spree! Hope you're settling in okay.


  4. Love Ed's diner! Hope the move went ok
    Daniella x

  5. oooooooooooo I love the slippers!!

  6. Seriously loving the slippers! Where are these from? I'm a huge fan of being comfy and those look great! :) FITP xx