Sunday, 21 April 2013

VR Round Up 21.04.13

*Work Attire *Favourites *Nail Art *Moi @ Launch Party *Wii Evening *Newest Addition

+ Slap On The Wrists - Inevitably because of my move and new job, blogging has been put on the back burner recently BUT I'm really keen to find the time to blog and have lots of posts lined up!

+ Non-Stop - I took a mid week trip down to London to attend my old company's launch party (post coming soon) and it was so lovely to catch up with friends and family but saying goodbye is always hard! Fear not, I am returning on the first May bank holiday! Sheffield has been good too...I've finally got round to joining a gym so can't wait to get back into running and with only two months until I go to Turkey, I need to get working out! On a less healthy note, Friday evening was spent with the boyfriend, wine and wii (we are such big kids!). I also had an extremely random but fun night out last night and so today has been centered around bed, eating and 4OD!

VR x


  1. Evenings centered around bed and eating are the best.:) Your nails look perfect, babe, and I really like your white top from the first photo!

  2. Oh man, those biccies look SO good, especially considering I'm not allowed them (on a diet). NOM.