Sunday, 28 April 2013

VR Round Up 28.04.13

*Train Entertain *Sheffield Station *Derby *Oreo Ice-cream *Polaroid Wall *Mock Moccasins

+ Ah Push It - Fully aware that GFC is to cease shortly, so this is a little push from me to say, pretty please give me a follow on bloglovin' CLICK HERE. Thanks!

+ Firsts and Repeats - Took my first trip down to Derby yesterday to meet with a friend from University which was so lovely! We spent the entire day shopping and eating our way around Westfield (not as good as the London ones but had everything you'd need from a shopping centre). Surprisingly I didn't spend my entire wages, quite restrained for my usual self! Pretty quiet one otherwise, excited to spend the evening with the boyfriend and tonne of TV movies.

+ Pola-Polaroid - Just started a Polaroid wall in my new flat and am hoping guests will join in and sign and date their photos...fingers crossed I'll be filling up some of the empty white space! Know of any easy do-it-yourself decor? Do let me know!

VR x


  1. I SO want to try the oreo icecream. I was obsessed with the oreo dairy milk bars though.. so it could be a dangerous move! I quite like Derby for shopping :)!

  2. I LOVE the idea of the polaroids, so cute and such a nice way to make a wall fancy looking! X

  3. i also have a ;polaroid wall - i love it so much it makes me smile x

  4. I don't think GFC is going, just google reader!

    Nom nom nom oreos!

    Corinne x

    1. Ohh yeah, but I reckon GFC will become abit redundant :(x