Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seven Days of Summer

Last week I took part in the Tesco 'Seven Days of Summer' competition via WIWT.
The week started off well but as my workload, among other things, increased my time to plan/take photos of outfits decreased. But hey, I gave it a shot (even if I did forget to post my photo on Accessories day...oops!) and every entry is in for a chance of winning £500 gift voucher so fingers crossed! 

Day 1: Stripes

Day 2: Florals

Day 3: Accessories

Day 4: Sixties

Day 5: Pastels

Day 6: Embellished

Day 7: Prints

Whilst I'm on the topic of F&F, look at this awesome maroon wrap dress I picked up for £16!!

VR x


  1. Day 3 and 4 my favorites!!! :))
    First time on ur blog and i like it is really cool

  2. All of this stuff is amazing! I will have to look for that dress online! I cannot believe it is from TESCO!! Really like the first photo too, you are so cute with the giggles!

    E x

  3. Your floral kimono is gorgeous x