Thursday, 30 May 2013

STYLIGHT Your Wardrobe

I love a good bit o' fashion inspiration (I am a regular updater on WIWT and stalker admirer on LOOKBOOK) so when I was approached by STYLIGHT, I was made up! 

This nifty website not only acts a shopping fashion finder, collaborating some of the hottest and biggest brands around (and yes, they offer free delivery too!) but, it's also a platform for sharing trends too.

So how does it work you ask? 
(Follow the VR) 

Signing Up - Head to the log in tab in the top right and follow the directions - it really is that simple and takes just minutes.

Getting Started - Give some loving to your profile by adding a photo, your location and a short bio. You can also go and heart a few fashionable people whilst your at it too.

Getting Serious - Here's where the fun really starts. Head on over to the clothing section to increase that ever growing lust list, go spy some of the latest fashion trends on your fellow Stylight's boards or get creative and make a statement by cooking up your own board. 

Still not sure? Here's one of mine...

Note: You can add videos, captions and music to your boards...pretty snazzy!

All Yours - It's over to you now. Whether you are like me and will use Stylight to hunt out fashion inspiration or if you are one of the uber fashionable creative bunch who will use it to set trends, with this shopping/sharing platform the possibilities really are endless!

You can find me under VanityRail. So go on, let's share the fashion love!

VR x

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