Sunday, 26 May 2013

VR Round Up 26.05.13

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*Peak District *Bro & Mojito *Balcony Living *Marvellous Chocolate 

Oh Brother - My two older brothers came to visit my flat for the first time this weekend which was really lovely (although they seemed to quickly consume all unoccupied space and fill my flat with copious amount of junk food).

Unfortunately, our fun was cut short due to a silly attempt by one of my brothers to cross a river in the Peaks swinging on just a branch...he landed himself (literally!) in A&E. 

+ Banking on it - A pretty lovely week and weekend all round spent mostly lounging around in the sun, drinking and eating (and picking up a few bargains from H& to come!) I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend and takes full advantage of their day off tomorrow. 

VR x

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