Friday, 21 June 2013

On The Flip Side


Just a quick post to let ya'll know that I'm off to Turkey tomorrow (3.30am start!!) for some much anticipated and needed sun, sea and relaxation! I should be back and blogging in the next couple of weeks :)

Oh and before I forget, please take a mo to follow me on blog lovin'.

VR x


  1. So jealous! I love Turkey, my family always goes to Olu Deniz in the Summer but I've missed it the past couple of years because of always being in the states. Luckily I get to go this year and I can't wait!

    Sure you'll have an amazing time, enjoy! :D

  2. Ohh Turkey! I have always wanted to go! Have an amazing time! Can't wait to see your holiday snaps!

    Em x

  3. Aw have fun! So jealous you get to go on holiday :) xxx