Sunday, 2 June 2013

VR Round Up 02.06.13

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+ Peaceful - Sheffield has been particularly quiet this week and so when I injured my leg on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to take some time for myself. It was really nice to basically do nothing for a few days but I was going a bit stir crazy on my own and so welcomed the weekend with open arms. My weekend was spent catching up with a housemate from University, a night out with some friends and generally enjoying the sun!

+ Round The Bikini Bend - With less than three weeks until I go away, I am having a bit of a crisis on the bikini front. I can't seem to find one I like anywhere (YIKES) and when I have seen nice ones, they are all out of stock or no longer in my size. Any recommendations for some good swimwear would be much appreciated!

+ Serious About Series - Deciding we were fed up with TV, me and the boyfriend decided to try a few series that people have been banging on about. So far we are hooked on Game of Thrones. I'd definitely recommend giving it a watch (from the's not one of those ones you can pick and choose episodes) although be aware of how addictive it is! I've also just completed the 8-part series Top of the Lake which kept me on my the edge of my seat throughout. 

VR x


  1. Great post and amazing blog. Feel free to check out my blog, we could also follow each other if you would like to :)

  2. Lovely pics! We've been meaning to check out Game Of Thrones here at BB HQ too, but too scared we'll get addicted!!

    Team Bijoux Bazaar

  3. Love this flavor of Bulmers :D x

  4. lovely pictures xx