Sunday, 9 June 2013

VR Round Up 09.06.13

*Desperados *Steak & Brie Salad *Hangover III *Sunglasses Purchased 
*Bloo 88 *Sol *Carver Street *Hangover Starbs

Visits -  Sadly, I ended up selling my Parklife ticket this weekend as with a big holiday coming up it didn't feel right splurging all of my saved money on one day at a festival. Fortunately,  my week was far from ruined as a friend from home came to visit and we literally drunk Sheffield dry. Aside from our big night out, we did lots of wandering and catching up, had an amazing meal at Bloo 88, a picnic in the sun and (of course) some shopping (I did restrain!). God knows how we crammed so much in to two days but it was great to see a familiar face up north! 

Bits & Bobs - My week has been filled with delightful pockets of fun: a cinema trip (where, like idiots, we walked out the cinema before the final clip of Hangover 3...), a BBQ, a swim & sauna and an impromptu road trip to Hertfordshire (thankfully taking my mind off all the fun I missed at Parklife). 

VR x


  1. Yeah....sounds like you had a fab time, and then there is the holiday!! XX

  2. I have so much admiration for you

  3. shame about Parklife! I had to refund my glasto ticket, was horrific haha

    ordaining serendipity