Wednesday, 7 August 2013

July Picks

I've seen many of these types of posts floating around the blogging world and have always been a big fan of reading them. I know that I am no beauty expert but I like the idea of getting and giving the real consumers opinion so, I've decided to give this style of post a go.

I'll try and keep it short and sweet - simply summarising my favourite beauty products of the past month, where to get them and most importantly, why. Enjoy!

1. This colour is far more autumnal than it is summer but I couldn't resist nabbing it up for myself! With the price tag ringing in at £15, Craving by Mac is a fierce, rich colour. I've got a light skin tone so this lipstick really does pop. It's moisturising and easy to apply and the only downfall (aside from the fact I'll more than likely get through it in record time) is it doesn't have particular staying power but, then again, not many lipsticks do!

2. Instyle Coral is the ultimate summer nail varnish - easy to apply and dries in an instant. This orange shade works perfectly on toes and I have not strayed far from it ever since I bought it. Instyle Coral does chip (probably because I don't have the patience to add a top coat) but at only £2.19 (Superdrug), it hasn't put me off.  

3. Why I hadn't got my mitts on the Tangle Teezer long before July is beyond me. This simple brush has been the saving grace for my extremely over used and over worked hair. At £10.99 (Boots), this nifty brush is a little more than I would usually pay but it's worked a treat so far for both wet and dry hair (and it's PINK!).

4. I was given this as a gift (the internet tells me it retails for around £9) and must say I am very impressed. I am no longer a big advocate of fake tan (too many photos of streaked legs and stained clothing in my University days) but every now and then abit of colour is needed and this is the product I'd go for. This tan is easy to apply and a difference can be seen within a couple of hours. It ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned - it gives that 'sun kissed' natural colour, doesn't wear off on to clothing/bedding etc and it's almost smell free. Admittedly, I have had the odd bit of streaking but I guess application practice makes skin perfect!

VR x


  1. I've read good things on a lot of other blogs about the tangle teaser...I really want one!


  2. I love MAC lipsticks! I really wanna get a tangle teezer but for my husband, he's got longer hair than me but never brushes it, drives me crazy! lol Maybe not the pink one though... haha. xx

  3. The MAC lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous :) I can never resist one! xxx