Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Obey The Ebay

After months and months of telling myself that I need to get my butt in gear and put some of my ever growing wardrobe on ebay...I've only gone and done it!

So yes, this post is a bit of a plug for you to go and have a peek (go on, I know you want here!)

BANK Fashion Black Dress
New w/ tags - BANK Fashion - Size 8 - £4

River Island Leopard Print Sleeveless Top
Perfect condition - River Island Top - Size 6 (fits an 8) - £2 

H&M Black Leather Look Zip Dress
Good condition - H&M leather look zip dress - Size 8 - £1.50

QED London Orange and Black Skater Dress
New w/out tags - QED London skater dress - Size S/M - £2

Eventually I hope to be selling a whole array of fashion goodies but for now I have just put up a few of my favourites (and guess what, I'm selling them all dirt cheap because they need to go before I move)!
Want to bid? Or check out my other listings on ebay?
Click here :)

VR x

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