Friday, 13 September 2013

Tartan Storm

If you hadn't realised that tartan is making it's mark as a key trend this autumn then seriously where have you been hiding?

I've not a massive amount to say about the trend except from the fact that it's versatility means I'd be happy for it to be printed on pretty much everything I own. I'm especially liking the green and blue colourway and you really can't go wrong with the classic red.

Below are just a few of my favourite items floating about on the high street and hopefully making their way to me in the near future!

Urban Outfitters


 Miss Selfridge


Will you be wearing tartan this autumn?

VR x


  1. actually adore the last top here!!! so so nice


  2. I'm loving tartan at the minute, just purchased a tartan scarf and a tartan dress! I love the UO coat


  3. I'm so glad tartan is back this a/w! I bought a tartan scarf and it just looks so good with everything! I'm on a hunt for some tartan leggings now :) X

  4. that urban outfitters shirt is my favourite! i am loving tartan at the moment

  5. Oh dear, I wear tartan all the time, a curse of being Scottish or a wish to be Gwen Stefani, you pick!

    Emma x