Sunday, 15 September 2013

VR Round Up 15.09.13

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*Cath Kidston *Thorntons Butterfly *Dolled Up *Pitcher *Saturday Night *Me & Nic

Sainsbury's School Games - I was lucky enough to get in on some of the action of the Sainsbury School Games this week (well, sort of!). I work on site at one of the student villages and it played host to all the athletes competing. The 5am start on Thursday for my shift was not the most enjoyable of experiences. However, the atmosphere was buzzing and whilst the 25 minute walk there was a bit creepy, it was amazing to see a usually bustling city so quiet. 

Cutting It Fine - A week tomorrow I head off to Amsterdam and I am really cutting it fine with getting everything in order. Next week I am working a seven day week (MADNESS) and with my flat move fast approaching, I literally won't have a second to myself let alone time to prepare before I hop on my coach to London on Sunday night and board the plane on Monday...might just have to wing it this time! I did pop to Superdrug this weekend and nab some minis though. Is it just me who finds mini toiletries so damn cute?

VR x

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