Sunday, 29 September 2013

VR Round Up 29.09.13

*Flight *Shots In Dam *Amsterdam Canals
*Dog Sitting *Go Ape *Cupcake

+ Amsterdam - Returned from Amsterdam on Friday feeling like I hadn't slept in 5 days and some serious detoxing was required. However, I know that feeling was well earned and well worth it. I'll be putting up some snapshots from my time there as well as an outfit overview but thought I'd say now - if you are looking for a city break then Amsterdam really is the place to be. It's not the cheapest of cities but it's beautiful, breathtaking and a hell of alot of fun! Looking for somewhere to stay? We headed to St Christopher's and for me, it rates in the Top 3 hostels I've ever stayed in - great people, perfect location and good food!

+ Go Ape - I never thought I was the clambering up, jumping between and throwing myself off treetops kind of girl but after taking the leap (literally) in to the scary but adrenaline pumping Go Ape course...I realised I was sorely mistaken! I'll admit the first 'Tarzan Swing' was scary as hell but once I'd taken that initial leap of faith, I realised what fun and challenges there were to be had and as soon as I got down, I just wanted to climb straight back up again. 
Warning: Not for the faint hearted or those seriously afraid of heights.

+ Travel Bug - Returned from my epic trip to Amsterdam and within 24 hours I had already booked to go away again. This time I'm off to Switzerland around Christmas with my two brothers and so the holiday countdown begins...

VR x

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