Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Coating By

'Tis the season of wrapping up warm and these little beauties let you do so in style! I always struggle with making decisions on coats because of the endless eventualities to consider - What will it go with? Style over warmth? Cost against number of wears? Last year, this was so much so that somehow I just couldn't say no and ended up with a closet full of them.

Well, this year a pattern has clearly emerged as I seem to have chosen three structured blazeresque coats to lust over.
Now to narrow it down to just one....




VR x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

VR Round Up 27.10.13

*Shameless Selfie *Blurred Bastille *Pizza Rocket
*Poor Mans Fondue *Loughborough *Ladies 

+ Bastille - A friend had a spare ticket to see Bastille so on Wednesday night I headed on down to the O2 Academy to see them. I'm a big Bastille fan so to see them live was such a treat. They put on a great show but (like most gigs) it was all over way too soon. I've got tickets to see Tom Odell next week so at least it's not too long until I'll see some live music again. 

+ Loughborough - A friend from my University days celebrated her 23rd birthday last week so her and a friend had a joint house party and night out in their home town of Loughborough this weekend. Of course we all piled in the car and headed down for a night of catching up and drunken frolics. It was so lovely to see everyone and was a great excuse to wear my new (favourite) H&M a-line skirt. 

VR x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Photo Rail #24

My Take: The A Team
Warning: Mirror shots are not ideal but camera is kaput!

VR x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

VR Round Up 20.10.13

*Plait Up Do *Fancie Fridays *Weekend Coffee
*Marmadukes Sheffield *Photobooth *Box Set

+ Work Hard, Play Hard - This pretty much sums itself up. Whilst working hard is obviously important, so is having fun and my hard earned wages have been going on lots of that this week. Took a trip to see Captain Philips (fantastic film, well worth a see and incredible performance from Tom Hanks), had an evening of pizza and cocktails and had a boozy night with inexcusable dancing, double vodkas and beer pong (my aim needs some work I'll add). 

Fancie Fridays - This has become a tradition in the office and whilst I am excited to work my way through ever possible flavour (if you follow Fancie on Facebook you'll see how irresistible they make their cakes look) I'm not sure my bank balance nor my health will be best pleased. But hey, carrot cake makes it a veg right?

+ True Blood -  My colleague has lent me the True Blood box set and I'm already six hours in and hooked. Lucky I have Seasons One to Four to keep me entertained!  

VR x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The A Team

Being in a full time job when the temperature does a sudden nose dive can be really bloody annoying. This is not only because I want to curl up in a ball and hibernate in the bed (ideally until Christmas) but figuring out what to wear that will be warm, fashionable and functional is can be a pain in the ass (and subsequently expensive).

Cue the A-Line cut skirt making it's way on to my radar and saving my fashion sanity. Skirts aren't really a go-to item for me (I prefer dresses or skinny jeans with blouses) but whether it's the simplicity of this cut or that I just fancied a change - I am really liking the A-line...




 I do realise that my lust list above annoyingly features models inappropriately dressed for the colder months of the year but (like I have) envisage the skirts teamed with silky shirts and courts for work and chunky knits, thick tights and ankle boots for days off. Perfect!

VR x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

VR Round Up 13.10.13

*Festive Feeding *Gig *For The Face *Fancie Fridays 
*Beauty Storage *Products Galore *Winter Slippers *Baby Grape

+ Come And Go  - Been a bit quiet on the blog front this week as I've been desperately trying to sort my new flat out whilst juggling work and a life away from it all. Whilst it's not finished, the flat is definitely looking more like a home than an empty shell and I even managed to squeeze in a date night on Tuesday, a gig on Wednesday and had a very unplanned but late night last night (it's always the way when you promise yourself you're only going out for one drink).

Love Where You Live - I have made it a new little mission of mine to be more interested and educated in the city that I live. I've already got list of places to see, things to do and stuff to try and I'm really excited to see what Sheffield has to offer (especially as the Peak District is literally on my doorstep).

VR x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

VR Round Up 06.10.13

*Autumn Skort *First Jumper *Hotelling *Premier View
*Room Picnic *Lift Shot *Liverpool *Luggage

+ Every Cloud  - Although I ended up having to live out of a suitcase in Premier Inn for a few nights this week, I really enjoyed not having to clean up after myself, getting let loose on a buffet breakfast and having the biggest bed all to myself. 

Liverpool - Took my second ever trip to Liverpool this weekend for a friends birthday and the city did not fail to impress. If you haven't visit before then you really need to make some time to go and check it out! We stayed at a hostel called Embassie and whilst it was pretty basic, it was only £20 for the night and had everything we needed (plus we met some lovely people staying there too). Aside from the incredible shopping (which sadly I didn't have any spare time to indulge in), Liverpool is a really great place to explore. Fortunately, the weather was glorious today so my friends and I took a long walk along the waters edge before heading back home. 

VR x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

September Favourites

1. Picked up the delightful Femme by Hugo Boss in Amsterdam airport and I think it retailed at about 28EUR (which is about £26). This ones a very feminine fragrance and is a slightly stronger scent than I'd usually go for but I thought it was about time I changed things up and I am really glad I opted for this perfume instead of rebuying one I already have. Admittedly when I first smelt it I thought the fragrance was a bit 'old' for me but once I applied it to my skin, the smell transformed entirely. Not sure? Think flowery. Think summers eve.

2. Nabbed this travel size Toni and Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist for a couple quid from Superdrug in anticipation for my time away in Amsterdam and I must say I am impressed. I'm always on the lookout for products to help the quality of my hair and after quite a bit of research, this product came out on top. Now I am not saying I've noticed any particular changes to my hair but the spray does feel like its providing some real added protection (whether this is psychological or not is debatable). Either way, it smells damn good and I'm sure its better than using nothing at all!

VR x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I AMsterdam

As always I got distracted and was really bad with taking photos but here are a few from my five amazing days in Amsterdam last week...

Tandem Biking

Fresh Orange w/ Nutella Waffle and Ice Cream

Bubbles in Dam Square


Heineken Shop

Spoiled for Heineken choice

Flea Market

Squatters Studio/House

 Hostel Bar

Tequila in Dam

Recovery Friets

The famous Condomerie


I amsterdam

City Explorers

VR x