Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The A Team

Being in a full time job when the temperature does a sudden nose dive can be really bloody annoying. This is not only because I want to curl up in a ball and hibernate in the bed (ideally until Christmas) but figuring out what to wear that will be warm, fashionable and functional is can be a pain in the ass (and subsequently expensive).

Cue the A-Line cut skirt making it's way on to my radar and saving my fashion sanity. Skirts aren't really a go-to item for me (I prefer dresses or skinny jeans with blouses) but whether it's the simplicity of this cut or that I just fancied a change - I am really liking the A-line...




 I do realise that my lust list above annoyingly features models inappropriately dressed for the colder months of the year but (like I have) envisage the skirts teamed with silky shirts and courts for work and chunky knits, thick tights and ankle boots for days off. Perfect!

VR x


  1. The Boohoo skirt is lovely!! I think these are lovely with thick tights - agreed! x

  2. I hope this A/W will be on the mild side so wearing skirts will be possible ha! The boohoo one is really nice, I can imagine wearing it with a chunky knit.

    Tara xo

  3. Loving the oasis one, lovely print. I love an A line. Never thought I would because I have proportionately large hips. Ha, models never wear appropriate clothing for what ever season you are in. It sucks.

    Emma x

  4. Great post - the oasis is my favourite one!!

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