Sunday, 13 October 2013

VR Round Up 13.10.13

*Festive Feeding *Gig *For The Face *Fancie Fridays 
*Beauty Storage *Products Galore *Winter Slippers *Baby Grape

+ Come And Go  - Been a bit quiet on the blog front this week as I've been desperately trying to sort my new flat out whilst juggling work and a life away from it all. Whilst it's not finished, the flat is definitely looking more like a home than an empty shell and I even managed to squeeze in a date night on Tuesday, a gig on Wednesday and had a very unplanned but late night last night (it's always the way when you promise yourself you're only going out for one drink).

Love Where You Live - I have made it a new little mission of mine to be more interested and educated in the city that I live. I've already got list of places to see, things to do and stuff to try and I'm really excited to see what Sheffield has to offer (especially as the Peak District is literally on my doorstep).

VR x


  1. i wonder if that BB cream is good? I would love to try that !

    1. So far, so good! It's pretty light so I use it for an extra bit of coverage for work :)